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Forest's POV

Twelve contestants.

Now, to choose. I hear a pair of footsteps enter my study and I grin, turning around in my chair to face the door even though I already know who it is. A man, wearing a crisp clean white shirt and black dress pants saunters in and matches my grin.

"Whattup, boss man?" He asks to which I roll my eyes.

"I'm your friend first, your boss second, Chris," I remind him and stand up walking towards the shelves Chris is looking at way too intently to really be focused on them. I hit lightly hit his ear and he feints surprise.

"What was that?" He asks innocently cocking his head to the side. I don't answer him, shaking my head instead as I walk back towards my desk. Chris follows and takes the folder I hand him.

"All that's left to choose is the state," I say as he opens up the file and skims through the information.

"When you think of the US what do you think of?" He asks absently, still reading.

"New York or Los Angeles," I say honestly.

Chris looks up with a smirk, "those are on different sides of the country doofus."

I raise an eyebrow, "Is that how you address your boss now?" I asked.

Chris laughed, "that's how I address my friend, idiot." He said then placed the folder back down on my desk. He gave me a wink and moved around my desk to the map of the United States that I had put up on a wall. Placing one finger on New York and another on southern California he slowly drew them together to meet in the middle. He grabbed a push pin and placed it where his fingers met on the map. "There you go, sir." He said with an abnormal emphasis on the word 'sir', which I ignored.

"Huh," I said, walking to stand beside my friend, "I guess you are useful after all."

Chris grins at me and then turns on his heel. Snatching up the folder he had left on my desk he headed towards the door again. "I'll get it started then." He said, looking over his shoulder for a nod from me then shoved his way through the doors. I heard his footsteps echo down the stairs and turned from the map to my balcony window. Throwing open the doors I walk out and lean on the railings watching my dogs runn on the grass, 3 stories below. I grin. I've been bored too long, with too much money, but this will change all of that.

Then I pause, and wonder out loud, "What is there to do in Kansas anyway?"


author's note :)

yo yo yooooooo so I'm gonna be editing all my chapters so I can try and make this turn out more like I want it too so stay tuned for (hopefully) better writing and (hopefully) a more concise plot lol

love you all!!


p.s. thanks so much for all the comments and votes, I get all the notifications and it makes my day whenever someone new finds TEB and has hilarious commentary!!

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