Should I be happy he's my hero?

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Finally! It's not very long, sorry guys 


We both sat in complete silence. 

"What is going on here!? Slave tell me now." Devon roared. 

"Eh, um I was just- You see Sir, I-" He stood up. Not sure what to do. 

I thought I would help him out. 

"He was doing as he was told. I told him to sit next to me." I explained. 

"Why?" Devon asked. 

"So we could talk." 

"Why couldn't you talk to me?" 

"Well, maybe it has something to do with you driving me to some stupid town I have never heard of and making me live here." I loved using sarcasm. I was very witty. 

"You, slave. Leave. Now." Devon told Ashton. He left. 

"You can't just go around hanging out with slaves. They're garbage. You're mine. Now start acting it." He told me before leaving the room. 

Eh, I just want to go home! Hm, would they really notice me if I just slipped outside and ran home? It's worth a shot. 

I slipped out of my room, acting as if I was just looking around. I went down the elevator and there was no one on the bottom floor. So I continued to walk to the front, I opened it and stepped out. I felt like screaming 'I'm freeeeeeeeeee!" Only I thought that could be a bit of a give away that I was running away, yeah? 

I literally ran and ran. I was out of breath and had probably only ran for about five minutes, yes I admit running wasn't my strong suit. All of a sudden I slipped on something and went flying down this hill. Great, just my luck. The upside was I didn't have to walk. I realized where I was heading and immediately panic rose inside of me. Oh no. No no no, it could have been anything but this. Why this! I was heading straight towards a huge lake. I don't like swimming, did I mention I can't swim!? I timed it correctly, I would slam into the water in precisely 35.8 seconds. Oh well life was fun while it lasted. 30 seconds. At least I don't die old. I guess I'll be forever young? 20 Seconds. Oh no. 15 seconds. I can smell the water, that's never good! 8 seconds. Goodbye world! 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Yes it felt exactly like I thought it would, only ten times worse. I hit the water with such extreme force it was like body slamming glass 50 feet in the air. 

I moved my arms and legs around, trying to move somehow. It didn't work. The lake was moving to fast. I was slamming into sticks, trees and god knows what else. I hit something hard, it hurt. It was warm though. Was this death? I knew I had already used up my last breath. I swear I could hear someone calling my name though. Oh no, everything's black, that can't be good. 

Who the hell was kissing me? What in heaven is that how you greet people or something!? 

I opened my eyes.  

"Look buddy, that might be how you do things here, but while I'm around things are going to change." I told this unwanted kisser. 

"Um, sorry?" Wait, I know that voice. 

I could see clear now, no more blurs. I sat up, Devon was here. 

"Why were you kissing me! Did we both die!?" At least I took someone down with me. 

"I was not kissing you, well I could if you'd like." He smirked. 

I laughed. 

"No going to happen. I don't make the same mistakes twice." I told him. 

"Mistakes? Our kiss was a mistake?" He wasn't happy. 

"Well you did kind of bring me here against my will, and you're not exactly human..."  

"Who told you that?" 

"As- You know what, it doesn't matter. I'm going home." I stood up, only to fall back down again but Devon caught me. 

"Mon... Would you still want to go if I kissed you like this?" I didn't get to reply. 

He kissed me, this time it was slow. Not rush, but cherished. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all... Maybe just maybe this could be something more then a kidnapping... 


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