Chapter 21

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            The fight was brutal, but in the end we won. Along the way Jake got hurt because a vampire tried to surprise attack

            “Leah no!” My dad shouted, but she didn’t stop. The vamp caught her and Jake jumped in when he saw he got hurt but was able to kill the vamp

            “I had him Jacob!” Leah shouted pissed off as hell.

            “Leah, enough!” Sam shouted using his Alpha voice. Him and the boys picked up Jacob and carried him back to the Black’s house. Seth looked at me one last time before he left.

            So now, we’re in the woods just talking.

            “How’d you get away?” I asked and he smirked

            “I have my ways” I chuckled when suddenly we heard growling and saw Sam and the boys in human form, but Collin and Brady they had already phased.

            “Seth, what are you doing with that?” Paul asked with disgust obvious in his voice. Seth said nothing.

            “You need to leave now” Sam told me.

            “You aren’t my father or leader. Don’t tell me what to do” I told him getting slightly angry at him he just shook his head

            “Boys phase now” He commanded and Paul and Jared immediately phased.

            “Embry, Quil, Leah” He told them and I saw them struggling not to listen, but they had no choice.  Seth phased as well but was standing in front of me ready to pounce and growling.

            “Eddy” I shouted in my head scared because I knew I couldn’t take on all of them and neither could Seth. Within seconds my family appeared beside me. Edward, Rose, Alice, Jasper and Emmett

            “What’s- oh” Emmett said and smirked.

            “We aren’t doing anything wrong” I said

            “Sam said he doesn’t care. This is not what they do”

            “I know but-“ I tried when Sam got closer and started growling. We all made hissing noises and barred our teeth ready to fight if a fight was going to go down. Seth jumped at Sam and of course Sam thru him away like a rag doll. Jared jumped at me and I ducked as Paul landed on Alice.

            “Help!” She screamed and Emmett was right beside her fighting off Paul. Once they got Paul off her we ran and ran and went to our side where they couldn’t pass.

            “This is why I don’t want you with him I knew something would happen like this!” Edward yelled.

            “Edward enough!” Rose shouted at him. Before I could listen to anymore arguing I ran up to my room slamming my door shut and plopping myself down on the bed.

Seth’s POV

            “What the hell, Seth?” Paul asked pulling me in the house and throwing me on the couch and I screamed a bit because my arm was bruised from being thrown.

            “Stop, why did you have to do that?” I asked looking at Sam once he walked in.

            “We don’t associate ourselves with them” Sam explained and I rolled my eyes

            “She’s my imprint” I Shouted and everybody stopped what they were doing looking at me surprised, except of course Embry and Quil because they already knew

            “Your what?” Paul asked as if he didn’t hear me the first time

            “She’s my imprint you can’t hurt her” I sneered knowing I would get in trouble, but at the moment I didn’t care what happened I just wanted to know that Lacey and her family was alright.

            “Oh the hell we can’t but we can hurt her family” Sam spoke and I said nothing. I just groaned.

            “Help get him home” Sam told Paul and Jared. They nodded and both helped me up and walk my way to the car just as Leah got into the driver's seat. We arrived home and my mom came out to help Leah get me. They helped me to my room.

            "Seth, I need your phone" My mom told me I was completely flabbergasted

            "My phone, why?" I asked

            "Sam told me you got in trouble and it'd be best" My mother explained, of course Sam had gotten to her. I mean he was the pack leader. I reluctantly gave up my phone and she walked out with it in her hands.

            "Sorry bro" Leah said giving me sympathetic eyes before exiting my room as well. With the door shut I threw my shoes at it because I was so angry with everything at the moment. Right before we left Sam gave me the Alpha command and has banned me from seeing my girlfriend, my imprint, my beautiful Lacey Cullen.

            As I rolled over to the window side I saw Leah sitting in my computer chair eating some bacon.

            "Want some?" She asked her mouth already full. I nodded eagerly, don't judge and took some off the plate.

            "I feel like shit" I moaned. It had already been 3 days with no contact with Lacey what so ever. I hadn't even gone over to Sam's place because I was so pissed.

            "Yeah it's the imprint. Mom went grocery shopping this morning. If you get your butt out of bed and downstairs to watch TV with me I'll let you use my phone to talk to her" Leah told me walking out the door and down the steps. Within seconds I was out of my bed and walking down the stairs to the den and sitting next to Leah

            "What do you want to watch?" She asked

            "Ridiculousness" I answered once I noticed that it was on MTV. She changed the channel and handed me her phone. I grinned excitedly just like a little kid on Christmas.

            "Hey babe c:" I sent to her contact after Leah accepted the fact that Lacey was my imprint she asked for Lacey's number so they would have each others.


            I walked downstairs because I heard yelling. I saw them watching the football game

            "Will you guys shut up I have a pounding headache" I yelled as loud as I could without making my head hurt. For 3 days I hadn't been able to talk to Seth. Leah said his phone was taken away and Sam banned him from seeing me. Suddenly, I heard my phone I knew it was my phone because I heard the vibration on glass. I instantly ran upstairs hoping it was Seth, but figuring it wasn't I unlocked my phone and read the text "Hey babe c" my heart jumped for joy and it was like I completely forgot about my headache.  While I was busy writing a reply my phone started to ring.

            "Hi" I gushed and laid down on my bed.

            "How are you? I've been feeling like crap" I heard him groan

            "I know me too. I miss you"

            "Seth, mom's home" Leah hissed

            "Crap" I heard him mumble "Look babe, mom's home so I'll talk to you when I can. Miss you and I love you" He said and hung up before I could reply. I sat there just smiling it took a few minutes for me to comprehend.

            "He told me he loves me" I whispered to myself with a smile plastered on my face.

-Awh they were banned to see each other :c 

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