Divorce in delhi

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Under these COVID times, lockdowns have severely affected the mental health of Individuals which in result has had impacts on their relationships. Marriages have been seen tested by the pandemic.
Divorce cases have Increased on an unprecedented scale. the Indian Hindu marriage act has laid the set of laws to govern the divorce. We bring you a guide to divorce laws as applicable in the Indian court.
According to the Law:
Article 13 states that
1.Either husband or wife can apply for divorce to the local district court with the help of a divorce lawyer on the following ground
*If the other party had consent sex with any other person.
*If the other party is violent.
*If the other party has deserted the applicant for a minimum period of 2 years.
*If the other party has converted religion.
*If the other party has any disease or mental disorder.
*If the other party is deemed dead due to missing.
*If there has been no cohabitation for over a year.
*If there have been no sexual relations for over a year.

Women have been provided some other rights over the above clauses.
A wife can file a petition for divorce if-
*The husband had married again.
*The husband has been found guilty of rape.
*She was married before 15 years.

Article 13 B Mutual Divorce.
A divorce petition may be presented to the district court by both the parties to marriage together if:
*They have been living separately for more than 1 year.
*They cannot live together anymore.
*They have mutually agreed for divorce.
The time taken is 6 to 18 months.

How can you apply for a divorce in Delhi?
We will advise you to visit a reputed divorce lawyer. He will give the best advice according to the nature of the divorce case.

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