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In my opinion, this is by far the easiest method!

Firstly, you will need your script, this method relies on your script. If your script isn't already a physical copy, print it out!

Before bed, put your script under your pillow, and if you want, you can also put crystals under your pillow with your script for protection and positivity, to help your mindset. If you want to listen to subliminal, ASMR or a frequency, do that now! As you fall asleep, visualise your DR. Spoken affirmations will also help tremendously (check out my affirmations page!), so speak your affirmations as you drift off, if you don't want to do it verbally, saying them in your mind is perfectly ok and just as effective! Remember mindset and belief is the key, this will work! You should wake up in your DR.

- reminder -

when a method requires you to be asleep, while it is better for it be night (just more convenient in my opinion) you can do it during the day it just might be harder to get to sleep :)

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