Possible Destruction

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(why post my stories? You may ask. Well here's the answer.... Why not?) A big black forest hung against the blood sky. A village lay torn into trash. Only the skilled of eye would be able to tell you the difference from the black ground and the charred remains of what use to be a house. Two dark silhouettes stood against all this death. The smell of burning flesh was not enough did not make either

 falter on the red sky. One was as dark as night, his eyes a bright color, a give-away really, perfect aqua eyes, that sliced through the air like a knife. His jet black hair brittle from blood stained deep into it. His hair style was gothish.... an over hang over one of his eyes. And he wasn't much. But he was the tallier of the two shadows. The second of the two, was pale as the moonlight. A short little guy, with white hair, and fury red eyes that burned like embers. He seemed pretty ticked off, and was stained from head to toe, in blood. Most of it not his own, witch was jet black, that of a fallen angel. Both of them, angels from heaven, with shot off wings. Both feeling hatred for the unworthy God that sent them back to this awful place. Sending them back to the pain, suffering and wars. But by their plans..... they wouldn't be anymore of that.... never again. For they where Tandie- the bright fire, And Izotz- Ice. And they would repair the world from it's state, weither or not mortals helped... did not matter.

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