fade - Chapter 24

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In the morn, Taurus wordlessly leads the way into a dank, dark room that smelled of rain and mildew. Ciel's nose picks up undertones of blood, though he thinks them to simply be his mind running rampant with the fear he shakes with.

"May I speak with you a moment alone, Corvus?"

Asks Taurus, his horns glowing in the candlelight.

"Of course."

Sebastian leaves with the ugly creature, Ciel left for his eyes to wanter the oddly shaped room. It's a cave, like the rest of them... though this particular room is painted black. The walls, floors, and ceiling shine with a satin obsidian glow, the uneven surface of the structure giving way to a feeling of unease and fright. Stalactites hang from the glossy overhead, casting eerie shadows on to the dusty ground.

Ciel creeps towards the door, and for his blood runs cold as ice at the words that make their way into his sensitive ears.

"Yes... he is a deceivable one. Our contract means nothing, I am still able to-"

Sebastian's voice then quiets, and all Ciel can hear is muffled whispering beyond the heavy oak. For a moment, he fears that Sebastian is not who he says he is... for a moment fear is installed to greatly that his backs meets the cave wall as his legs fail him.

No... Sebastian loves him. Sebastian said this would happen. Sebastian is only following their plan to find out about his father and Ciel's species. Sebastian would never have an altered plan of his own... especially after the way his lips mold with Ciel's so perfectly... so genuinely.

The door swings open once more, and Sebastian shoots Ciel a knowing glance; a glance filled with heaviness.

"Please, come here."

Taurus' deep voice resonates between the two's eyes, slicing the contact in half and making Ciel start.

Ciel stands, his shaking legs betraying the stoic look upon his face. He doesn't want to feel it, but the doubt is there, eating away at the corners of his vision and burning away any need for an act.

He cannot meet Sebastian's gaze again as he is brought over to a mess of chains nailed to the wall... a long shadow from one of the overhanging commodities obscuring its view. Taurus begins to chain him to the wall, and Ciel is nothing short of confused when Sebastian chuckles, Taurus' smile wide and grossly sharp.

"Go ahead. Let it out, Corvus. Show him your true form."

He steps back, leaving Ciel's view clear from obstruction.

"Very well."

Sebastian's smirk remains as Ciel is forced to gaze into those dangerous red eyes. He is pulled forth into his gaze and it seems to utter a warning... seems to be fluttering with what they have dreded.

The room begins to spin as black feathers sprout from nowhere, eating Sebastian alive in a cloud of darkness. The feathers swirl around him as his shadow elongates and withers. The air around him darkness, leaving the room in a state of decay. Ciel's ears fill with the sounds of wings flapping as the feathers begin to clear by the crown of Sebastian's head.

Long, black, thick and gnarled horns peek through the shadowy mist, curling away from the demon's ears. The rest of the blackened feathers seem to melt away. Sebastian's handsome face hides in in shadow, yet Ciel can see the rest of him clearly.

His elongated and sharply tipped nails are dropped by his leather clad legs, various chains and beads hanging from his hips. His shoes are viciously heeled, and his chest is covered by a worn leather vest, its pocket adorned with a shiny, hellish pocket watch. Ciel stares in wonder at the beautiful thing in front of him, till he gasps as his lover's face is revealed through the shadow he leaves behind stepping closer.

His face is the same... yet the skin by his ears and neck are blackened as if burnt. His knuckles and collarbones model the same dark contouring as the rest of his pale skin. He opens his mouth to run a pointed tongue along two sharp, silver fangs... scaring a pleasured shiver to scurry up Ciel's spine. And as he gets gradually closer... long, wide wings are revealed; folded and beautifully peeking out from behind his back. Their black feathers seem to glow in the light... much like the rest of him.

And when their eyes meet, there is no mistaking this demon for a man any longer. His are pupils thin and stretched from top to bottom and are adorned by a fiery orange and gold, the dark crimson edges burning inside the glowing whites of his eyes. Ciel hears the chains hanging from around his hips and back sway and jingle as he walks towards the boy, his smirk and gaze never fading.

Ciel whimpers in both surprise and excitement as one of Sebastian's sharp fingernails draw a line from behind his ear to his collar, tilting his head further up to look at Sebastian. The demon leans forward so his lips are at Ciel's ear, his hot breath tickling the skin there.

"Are you afraid?"

Ciel shivers yet again, absentmindedly struggling against the chains that hold his wrists tight.


Ciel darts out his tongue to lightly lick Sebastian's neck as he pulls away.

"Should I be?"

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