jcs day

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OMG today is my day with maria. I thought to myself as I jumped it of bed. I can't wait to take her to the surprise.

I got out of bed and got dressed. I put on a pair of kackis and a muscle tank that said sweg monkeys with a monkey in it. I went down stairs and ate break fast.

Maria's P.O.V

I was awaken my beeping alarm click. I got up and realized it was jcs day. I decided to take a shower. After my shower I put on my tye dye mucle tank, my light washed skinny jeans, my friends don't let friends twerk pullover so the boys don't see my scars, my tie dye vans, and my tie dye bandana.

I applied my usual make up and went downstairs.all he boys we're staring at me when I came in the kitchen

"Aye back off she's mine today"-JC

All the boys put there hands up in surrender.

After Breakfast JC asked if I wanted to longboard with him so I went. We boarded around everywhere. We got lunch and went to the fair. We rode rides and had a whole lot of fun.

We boarded back hone and he took me upstairs to his room. He put on a condom and slid down my pants. He started kissing my body all over. He left soft wet kisses. He started deepening the kiss and rubbing over my heat. I started moaning thru the kiss. The took off my shirt only breaking the kiss for a split sec. He hovered over me and nodded his head and slid into me. He started sliding in and out. I kept moaning and screaming his name. He kept on pumping as hard as he could. He slid out and started fingering me. I was bout to cum so I told him bit he kept doing it. I find ally released and he locked it all up. Then he stuck his tounge into my heat and explored it and hit my gspot.

He stopped and we cuddles up to each other and fell asleep naked AMD sweaty but i liked it.

Hai guys I'm so so solo sorry I haven't been updating. I took a break from wattpad. Ill try to keep updating but j can't promise anything. If u guys have any ideas plz Kik me @meshields191
Otay bye babes luv ya
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