Equestrian hedgehog with no life

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In New York in secret lair. Leo, Raph, Donnie, and mikey with Master Splinter. All them having hard time after against Mephlies.

Raph(mad):That no excuse hedgehog turn our friends evil and take over earth.

Mikey(sad):I so scared our friends almost destroyed us but I happy shane and jabok save them before we kill Mephlies.

Donnie:After all us confess Angel the hell cat. I can't believe that monster stay with us.

Master Splinter:It royal from hell idea be Angel the hell cat stay with us until  she learn her lesson. Remember.  Defeat emenys make new friends.

Leo:I know master Splinter but i still don't trust Angel after she did our friends and Raven.

Master Splinter:Between us I agree with you but Angel will learn her mistake or she do horrible punishment when Charlie come check us.

???:Easy you said master Splinter but I still don't like you all after two boys defeat.

Red cat with red eyes and wearing red clothes. Name Angel the hell cat eat fish because part her diet.

Raph:Why you eat fish. You know make us sick you eat fish.

Angel:Get use Raph. After shane and jabok save you all afther ryan broke up. I suppires defeat me and kill Mephlies. Where equestrian hedgehog.

Leo:Shane is his room emo cat. I don't mind you stay with us but I forgot you did.

Angel start walking away. I sit on my bed having hard Mephlies said to me before we kill him.

Shane(sad):I don't know I trust that no excuse father said to me even turn my friends against us. Wrost part Mephlies want my powers that take over earth, mobius, and my birth homeworld equestrian.

I got up and look mirror see myself. I part pony and hedgehog. I munant like my friends.

Shane(cry):Wothout Jabok help  save our friends and help me defeat Mephlies. Now I scared other's emenys we face  try take my powers. Wrost part I don't know my long lost mom love me again. Only my friends like family but they got a parent love them and I don't find true love. I wish I find answer's and maybe my life be horrible.

Soon jabok and Shane will go to different school meet new friends and  love for both us.


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