*Charlotte's POV*

I'm biting my nails waiting in our usual spot, the meadow. No one is ever there, and it's peaceful. It sucks Matt will be seeing me looking so ugly, but I don't care. I need to see him, so much it hurts. It's only been a couple of minutes, but it feels like it's been years. I look at my phone to see if I've gotten a text, but then I see a figure walking towards me. Matthew. He freezes from his movement and we look at each other. My stomach sank at the site of him. Bruises, on his arms and legs and a few marks on his face. He seems to be putting more pressure on one leg than the other, so I'm assuming he's been hurt. Just when I thought no more tears could come, I felt them forming in my eyes. I feel like I'm gonna be sick. Who could do that to him? But then our eyes meet, and I feel this anxiety in me. We both run towards each other and I wrap my arms around him. He embraces me and hugs me just as tight as I'm hugging him. This isn't even hugging, it's almost as if im clinging on to him like my life depends on it. Like, if I let go I'll drown and be empty. "Charlotte. Oh Charlotte." Matthew kept repeating my name softly as if he's still making sure this is real. We pull away from each other and he cups my cheek like he always does. But then I look at his injured body, and I feel like there's needles stabbing me. "You did this." I thought to myself. Guilt overwhelmed my body from head to toe. "Oh Matthew.... Don't tell me you went back to your parents." I whispered frightened. His eyes were sad at the mention of it, but then he smiles. "None of that matters anymore. You're here, you're really here." He said. I smiled and he picked me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. Then our lips collided. I could feel the warmth rising to my cheeks and I felt this passion, this hunger that was driving me nuts. Matthew groaned in the back of his throat and we fell on the ground, never breaking from the kiss. He planted butterfly kisses down my neck to my collar bone and back up again until he reached my lips. I could taste the familiar sweetness and warmth of him, and it sent shivers down my spine. I wanted more, needed more. "Wait." I whispered breathless. He lightly kissed the corners of my mouth. "Now it's my turn to talk. I've never felt anything like this before, especially anything that makes me want to constantly be in your arms. Matthew Lee Espinosa, I love you so much." I said. He grinned and kissed my lips. "I'm crazy in love with you." He whispered through kisses. "I love you too."

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