[Love and Tears] part 35.

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Excuse the french spelling in this! I don't take french, I take spanish :)

I asked a friend how to spell it so blame it on her if its wrong! ;)


"That top is better then that one," Christopher said, pointing to a pink top I held up in my hand. My suitcase was limited and I had to fit the rest of my life in it.

"Thanks. Thanks for coming over at the last minute. I just really needed your help," I said with a smile, folding my pink shirt and placing it into my suitcase.

"That's fine. When's your flight?"

"Tomorrow at six in the morning. I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight," I responded, biting my lip.

"So early?"

"Yeah I want to be out of here as soon as possible,"

"Where are you going?"

"I was thinking Canada,"

"Why?" Christopher asked.

"Just because,"

"Can you speak french?"

"Not all Canadians speak french!" I protested, picking up a pair of trousers and folding them before placing them into my suitcase.

"But can you speak french?" Christopher repeated.

"Jé mappelle?"

"Oh gosh! You didn't say it right! No you can't speak french."

"Well I'll go to an English speaking place then," I responded, rolling my eyes.

"And Jay?"

I took in a big breath, releasing it slowly. "It's for the best."

"Are you serious? You're just going to leave him?"

"He wouldn't want to grow up with me. It's too risky," I responded with a dry smile.

"It's a risk he'll want to take! Please Callie. Just think about staying?"

I stayed silent for a moment. My mind was so set on leaving that nothing could change my mind. "I'm going. Pass me that blue top please,"

Christopher turned around to see where I was pointing before picking up my top and handing it to me. I was so glad Christopher was there. He was such a true friend. He was the only one I could actually ask to come over and help. No-one else. I was glad that our relationship hadn't affected our friendship.

I could tell Christopher didn't want me to go. His face said it all. It wasn't an upset expression, it was more of an anxious, worried expression.

"Where will you stay?"

"I'm staying at a hotel for a fortnight or so and then hopefully by then I would of got a job and I can start looking for flats,"

"And school?" Christopher questioned.

"I won't go to school anymore. I'm sixteen. I can do what I want,"

"What about Danielle? Are you just going to leave her?"

I knew what Chris was doing. He was trying to guilt or trick me into staying. Well I hoped he knew that nothing he could say, do or question would make me stay.

"She's dead to me,"

"After ten years or friendship? What happened to forgive and forget?"

"What happened to shit happens and shut up?"

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