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"Bruh! oh my god, greedy ass! You did not just do that" I yelled at Loren. I watched her crack up after she stuffed her face with half of my Classic Lays chips.

"Fucking company already only filled the bag half way" I complained.

"I can't breath" loren laughed holding her side.

"Now I got 1/3 a fucking bag of chips" if looks could kill, Loren would be 6 foot under right now. She really just pissed me off. I don't play about my food.

"Manee, that was funny" she said as her laughs died down. I rolled my eyes.

"What ever"

"I know you not mad forreal" she looked at me. I was highly upset.

"I'll buy yo 50¢ bag of chips back. Damn big ass baby" she rolled her eyes, catching my attitude.

"Thank you very much sir."

"Last time I check I am a lady, I have boobs and a coochie" she assured.

"And ass" I smirked.

"Ugh, your so freaking gay" she said pushing past me walking towards her room door.

"Is that a problem?" I asked raising my eyebrow. She looked at me.

"To each, there own" is all she said before she walked out the room. I hated how she always said that, anytime I would compliment her, or attempt to flirt with her, she would put up this wall or that act. Its been a week since she has started talking to me, and I haven't gotten her to be mines yet, so far we are just friends, and we goof around alot. I can't complain about that, cause I'm really missing Asia, she is the only one that could make me laugh until i couldn't breath, she is my best friend, and I miss her, Loren is a great substitute, but I plan on making her mines before Asia come home.

I followed loren out her room, she walked downstairs where her mom sat on the couch watching TV and  Loura on the floor playing with Oreo. Oreo loves Loura, they play together everyday. I'm really greatful for that , cause some times I don't like to be bothered by that damn dog.

"Hey y'all" Elana greeted us. Loren didn't say anything, she still hasn't spoken to her family, or anyone other than me.

"Hey Mama" I responded.

"What y'all plan on doing today?" She asked. I shrugged.

"I wanted to take the girls shopping for school clothes and supplies, since school is gonna start soon" she said. She was right, school was right around the corner, another week and a half and I would have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to start my senior year. I can't lie, I'm pretty excited.

"Umm today?" I questioned. I looked at loren she didn't look to happy about her mom taking her school shopping, maybe she would rather me take her.

"I mean, if they want to. I know loura is ready, but loren only seems to talk to you" she said raising her eyebrow. She knew? Loren rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen. Her greedy ass still want more food?

"Um, I'll ask her. But maybe I should take her shopping" I suggested.

"Well since you offered! Ill give you the card tonight after I come back from shopping for loura and you and loren can take the car tomorrow and go, sounds good? Great!" She said suddenly. I had a feeling that was the plan all along, I just chuckled.

"Okay I gotchu"

I walked into the kitchen where loren was pouring her self some juice.

"Always fulling your belly" I shock my head.

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