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If anything I'm sure you've got a head start on what Katsuki Bakugou is as a Yandere, he's one scary yandere to be with, his aggressive demeanor sure sticks fear into the hearts of others, his past was filled compliments so with a twist of love in his deadly heart a story will unfold in itself...

Why don't we see how bad of a yandere the pomeranian will go as Hero?...


- Katsuki is one Aggressive and Possessive yandere, LIKE- He'll do anything if it'll make you obey him, he tends to hurt anyone- but we'll get to that later...

- You met him at UA, he's a classmate of yours who you just so happened to look up to, it's inevitable to not look up to him, he's strong, he has a powerful quirk and is too handsome for his own kind. Anything he does you just so happened to blush while giving him a quick compliment, of course the others think of it as something cute since they do know you look up to him.

Maybe even like him, and you know that under his mean words, you know he doesn't really mean it... Right?

But to him, those compliments were more than just stupid compliments, they were words of love. Melodies that make him feel so relaxed because of you...

Since he's been the star of his show for his entire life, compliments has made a huge impact in his life as the others try to get on his good side and... You know where that got him....

It's all your fault you made him fall for you...

- You were somewhat similar to Deku but when he saw your happy and calm side that was it. You were amazing, smart everything he wanted in a woman. If this were normal Bakugou he'd act Tsundere-Like but for now we'll stick to the Psychotic side.

- For starters he'd stalk you like any Yandere would, he would be 'coincidentally' everywhere you go claiming that he arrived there first. But for Katsuki he'd be more forward and a bit bolder. Stealing... Your underwear and... Other stuff of what your imagination can think of...

- Katsuki would ultimately keep you close but he'd scare any boy away behind your back, and maybe a few girls who get too close to you.

- You Won't be able to notice changes but the people around you will surely without a doubt, around you he's a bit more up tight and glare at any one in his sight, but when he's around Kirishima for example, he'd have a small smirk on his face as his gaze will slightly go to you. But even if one were to say it to you or to those who aren't close to Katsuki, would probably question.

- Seeing as though he likes you (more like obsessed-) he confessed to you in which you said yes to, I mean wasn't it clear you love him- but this time, you accept him the moment you do, he will capture you. Even if you decline, makes it all the more challenging for him... He loves a good game you know?

- He keep you to himself no questions asked.

- On a scale of 1 to 10 he would probably be a solid 9.5 just cause of his sadistic and abusive behavior. I would even be able to explain how scary he is. I bet he would probably be a 7 or 8 but nope. Abusive = hard to live in. And hard to live in makes you weak-

- He's aggressive... Killing others. Is that even a question? If he'd have a way of killing it would be... Ah! Explosions like fireworks. First step would be several ways of torture, killing of family in front of them, fingers cut off slowly but surely, limbs twisted so bad, it can be easily pulled out. Eyes popped out like cherry and you know, the stuff. If they so much as lay a finger on you, or harm a single hair in your head, it's bye-bye to them! :)

- Torture is a big word and maybe everyone knows that. In case of a punishment (Why do you want to suffer?) Isolation, you'd be food and water deprived, beatings and vulgar words plus all in all a blindfold to make you sensory deprived.

- Situational Time! If you so much as step your toes out of the door, WITHOUT his permission well, I salute you. He'd be fuming to say the least. He'd go on a killing spree but now that you're out of reach. He'd find you in about hours or a few days.

- (Me:Again. Why?! Do you torture yourself?Also Me: For plot, duh.) He'll beat you into a pulp but not too much just enough to make you say sorry, promise to never do it again, know why he's doing this, and maybe compliment you for being so obedient, completely ignoring the fact that he's STILL teaching you a lesson. That's just the bottom of the ice cream we haven't even reached the cherry on top..

- But even after all that what not and *ahem* torture *ahem*, when were talking about aftercare he's not the bad apple out of the bunch and we probs know we're this is going to go, he's a passionate guys so hugging and cuddles would be the trick, maybe a bit of special treatment and spoiling you to rotten.

-And ever since that time you escaped you're starting to regain feelings for him even though his crazy side of his is still there. And because of the fact that Katsuki is a Tsundere, his sane side shows up from time to time when your around and not screaming. You'll start to see he's just someone who need love and affection. (UwU)

- Katsuki who'd probably be like "ABOUT FUCKING TIME!" as he hugs and kisses you, yet this time he isn't able to let you go, his hold more possessive than the last. As he whispers sweet yet empty threats.

- Seeing as though the last time youve gone out was like, a long time ago, he'd treat on a date, going everywhere you wanted to go, you'd have enough freedom because he'd be watching from a far without you knowing and everything will be capiche-

"Hurry up you idiot, or I'll leave you here maybe even keep you there."

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