𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮

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It nestled itself within the air, burning your nose and mind as you tried to escape from the burning building. Coughing as your vision went blury, almost black as you guided yourself to the light you thought was the end but it was only your consciousness telling you to sleep, you thought you were going to die...

But he wouldn't allow that, Katsuki will save you no matter what.

He loves you too much...

Too much to let you die.

Too much to let you go.

Too much...


"Y/n- WAKE THE FUCK U-UP!" He yelled, tears in his eyes as the doctors tried to calm him down, you've been asleep for 5 days but they were sure you were still alive, Katsuki just missed you and is quite worried.


He hasn't eaten, slept and do anything but look after you, dark circles where present under his eyes as sleep was screaming his name


A small hand rubbed his head as he finally fell asleep, you blushed knowing how tired he must have been after looking after you... You on the other hand was worried about him. He had risked his life to save you and you wondered if he ever got injured.

"Oi! No Touching!" He grabbed your hand as you yelped at the sudden action, "Y/n?...
Y/N! Wait right here I'll call-"

"Thank you Katsuki..." You cut him off as his grip from your hand loosened. Maybe you actually fell in love with someone so violent like him. His crimson eyes stared into your e/c ones, but it had a scary glint in his eyes as he touched your face and left a small kiss on your lips, making you blush at the sudden action.

"Don't worry, I'll fucking do anything for you~" He cooed as he let go of your hand leaving you in a daze...

What happened and what did he mean...

You couldn't hear what he said, but you could feel what he did to you...

Gods must want your single ass life to end.

But his eyes told you something more...

Something so...


"I called the doc and they should be here and give you a test." Katsuki said as he looked back at you, he must have stood up during your blushed state...

"Oh and By the way, I'LL FUCKING KILL ANY SICKNESS THAT IS IN YOU!" Katsuki vowed, as you laughed, he hasn't changed since then...

That was for sure.

Except his love,

Because it grew even more...


A month later and you were safe in your home with Bakugou monitoring you.

"Holy Shit that's hot!" Katsuki exclaimed as he stood up from the couch and was checking if the air conditioner was working.


The air grew colder,

And it seemed that a gas that could make

people asleep surrounded you...


You woke up eyes momentarily blinking, as your eyes suddenly snapped open, you take in your surroundings...

You're tied to a very comfortable bed with very cute and comfortable pajamas. And in the center of the room was your kidnapper...

"Oh! You're fucking awake, thought you were going to die back there." He said as he stepped closer to you, with each step he took you moved back inch by inch as he finally landed on your bed. You take in the surroundings, it was you're dream bedroom, f/c bed and other what not you wanted for a dream bedroom.

"Knew you might like it, saved up a bunch for this and that." He smirked as he showed you a necklace that was on your neck, trying to remove it from your neck, as you do though it disappears and plops right back to your neck, leaving you terrified to the brim.

"Bakugou, what's going on?" Your shaky voice echoed to the room as you looked in front of the man who you once trusted. Hearing him sigh, he pins you on the bed, the soft cushions softening the rather harsh push.

"You're not even calling me by my first name... But that's alright, I'll let it slip just this once baby~" He cooed into your ear, sending shivers running down your spine.

"But to answer your question, I'm doing this to keep you safe, I can't have you dying on me now can I?"

Leaving there stunned, your eyes filled with an unknown amount of fear, he chuckled.

"But don't worry I'll let you walk around soon, just, not now. Remember, I'll kill anyone who hurts you, let alone touch you."

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