"Mrs. Jaydon, I've helped get the balling rolling on many preservation projects. I am hoping to keep most of the mansion intact. If we have to get every chandelier back piece by piece, I will. It's important to preserve the integrity of the room, and those chandeliers were the show piece."

"I understand Mr. Mason. I'm going to try my best. There are a lot of people that will need to be contacted about the new plans."

"I'm sure there are." There was a hint of sarcastic knowing that I think went over Mrs. Jaydon's head.

Turning to me, she stated "Is this our local hero? You found our savior for the mansion?"

"Yes, I'm Julie Simmons." I extended my hand for a quick shake. We met when you told my book club we're going to have to move ourselves somewhere else.

"Oh yes, I remember you now. It is much better news indeed that Mr. Mason thinks he can find the financing to preserve the whole mansion."

"You can?" I could feel my wide-eye stare taking on the look of a child. "This would be the best thing in the world to happen."

Peter interrupted, "If as much as possible can be preserved. I have my expert arriving for our meeting. He'll be inspecting the property."

I could feel the heat growing on the back of my neck.

He gave me a wink and smile. "I'd like Miss Simmons to be kept in the loop on all this. In fact, if she could help in advising and helping me to get to know the place, I think that would be best." He looked at me again, his smile causing parts of me to warm that I'd not felt in awhile. "If you had time to help show me around, I'd appreciate it."

"Sure. I'd love to."

Mrs. Jaydon tagged along behind us as I took us through to the big entranceway and the marble fireplace. "This is the entry with the inlaid marble fireplace." I pointed up near the staircase, "And that's the way upstairs. I think all of the staircase were hand carved."

"It surely was. I hear it was some fancy Italian workers brought in especially for the job a hundred years ago." Mrs. Jaydon came up behind us to comment. "Would you like to go upstairs?"

"Yeah. I've never been up there before. Normally, we're not allowed to go up there."

"I'd like to see it especially since I want to see what kind of condition the mansion is upstairs, and if they can be made into rooms to stay in. I think the mansion has a lot of potential already. Lead on Mrs. Jaydon."

She took the lead as Peter gestured for me to go in front of him as well. I proceeded up the staircase, listening to the clicks of our shoes as we walked on the bare wood. We got to the top of the landing, and the peeling wallpaper added to the deterioration. But I didn't spot any water damage on the wallpaper. Looking at the wooden floor, I didn't see any staining either, just the normal wear and tear of many people walking the same hall. Peter watched me taking stock.

"It looks really good up here." I mentioned as he followed behind me down the hall.

"This is in better shape then I thought it might be. It's very promising Julie. I'm glad I was alerted to all of this by your blog." He came up behind me; I looked up at his angular jaw, black hair and sensitive look. I could smell the scent of cologne as his coat parted open putting his hands on his sides. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." We were standing so close now. I could see his doe eyes looking intently back.

"I'm definitely going to need you more on this. I hope you've got some free time over the next week. I think I've got a perfect way you can help. I need an assistant to help me with the project. If you agree, you're hired."

"You mean like a job?" I couldn't believe my luck. The semester was almost over, and I'd need something for the summer.

"Exactly." He smiled waiting for my answer. It was a smile that lit my insights.

I had trouble concentrating on how to reply. I finally got the words to tumble out. "Yes, I was looking for something for the summer. Do you think it will be for that long?"

"It might take awhile to get this place up and running. I foresee at least a year or two. So, it will last awhile, if you'll accept."

I didn't hesitate. "Yes. I'd love to help save the mansion and get it back on its feet."

"If you come through here, I'll show you the rooms." Mrs. Jaydon reappeared through one of the doorways, motioning to go inside.

"After you." Peter motioned me forward.

Peter's POV

It was in the master bedroom that I'd realized I'd made the right choice. I looked over to Julie; with her hand on her face in astonishment looking over the ceiling plaster adornments and inlaid wood on the mantle piece. She seemed to have an attraction to things old. She added to the attraction of the old mansion in the way she moved. Her fresh look of innocence was driving me crazy. The way she drew in her breath when she saw another carved accent to the fireplace.

"This is so beautiful. I didn't know that there was all of this up here." She exclaimed as she continued her examination of the wood décor.

I couldn't help but smile. "You sure you haven't done anything relating to refurbishing or antiquing before?"

"Well, I've always liked older things. I love the stories behind them." She swept her blonde bangs out of the way to examine another part of the fireplace inlay. Rosewood was interlocked with oak in a pattern she was tracing with her finger. She was giving me a smart, Taylor Swift vibe. I had to take an extra swallow to calm myself.

"I was thinking of making the rooms up here the offices for the project, Julie. Later, they'll be rooms for guests, but we've got to get this place fixed up first."

"That sounds like a good idea. Plus, it will breath life back into them." She was moving her hand, feeling the texture of the wood of the mantel.

"If you like, this could be your office." I tried to sound sincere.

"Oh no. This one should be yours. It's the master bedroom. I'm sure one of the other rooms will do for me."

"As you wish." I smiled and winked, which brought out a pleasing blush to her cheeks. Yes, I was going to enjoy this project.

***End of Part 3***

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