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(Picture is Eli Simpson)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 3 ~ The Simpson Residence Pt. 1

It was freezing cold, unlike yesterday night.

After changing into something warm, I prepared myself for this very evening. A day after our Physics lesson, was when we were meeting at Walter's house. I had never seen it before and had never wanted to. I knew it was on the West side of town somewhere and with me being in the South, it wasn't that far. However the West side of town was still pretty unsafe, just like the East side. The Simpson gang in the West rivalled the Santarico gang in the East. I didn't really know much about them, but I did know that they were about ten in number and they were just as dangerous as the Simpsons. They came from Puerto Rico and ranged in ages as well.

Anyways, Walter had given Lucinda and I his address, and we had arranged to be there at six. I was ten minutes away, and I was hoping Lucinda hadn't ditched me on this one. She was just as afraid as me, but I couldn't exactly tell Walter that. I was also hoping that none of his brothers would be at home, but that was stupid to wish for, where else would they be or go? Eventually they would have to come home if they were out. The thought of me being in the midst of seven tall and potentially deadly boys scared me to death.


Walter's house wasn't what I had been expecting. From the outside at least.

It was very big first of all, probably more than twice the size of my two bedroom house. It had a Gothic design to it, which I had been sort of expecting but it didn't have any ivy or cobwebs up the sides or anything. The bricks were a dark brown colour, and the beams were painted black. The door looked very heavy and I suspected it to me made out of thick solid wood.

There was a lion head knocker on the door. That made me hesitate, reminding me of what i was actually doing here.

I couldn't chicken out, gosh it was a physics project, I told myself. I forced myself to tap the knocker before I decided to just turn and run.

I waited in silence for about a minute, my heat pounding in my ears. Maybe they weren't home, I thought. I couldn't really hear anything from the outside in. And where was Lucinda? It had already gone past six...

I breathed in deep and knocked again, louder this time. To my horror I heard multiple locks being slid open and the big black door swung open.

I looked up from the ground into the face Phoenix Simpson. I immediately saw the resemblance between him and Walter. They had the same hazel eyes but Phoenix's hair was brown rather than black, and he had nice stubble.

"Um hello?" He asked, almost rudely.

His approach had my knees go weak..he didn't seem very nice, but then again it was his house..

"I-I'm here to see Walter," I heard myself stammering.

Phoenix's eyes narrowed. Despite the hostile attitude, I had to admit secretly he was very good looking.

There was a silence, then Walter himself appeared at the door next to his older brother.

"Hey," he said simply.

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