Chapter 6 - Much love

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We boys go into our room. I don’t feel really tired.

We sit on our matress and there’s an awkward silence.

“Nialler? Can I ask you something?” Liam says, breaking the silence.

“Of course.”

“What happens in the kitchen?”

I’m speechless, I can’t breath… after a few seconds I felt angry.


“N..nothing! Really, I swear!” He says.

“Niall stop it! He didn’t tell us something. I only wanted to know what you and Doreen have done in the kitchen. Why do you hold her hands?” Liam says.

Everybody look at me, I felt unwell.

“Well…” I blush. “Nothing…”

“Oh come on, we know that this isn’t the truth! You can trust us.” Liam says.

“Well… there’s me… there’s she… and some feelings… but I don’t know…” I say.

“To conclude, Niall loves Dodo.” Harry says with a smile.

“And Harry…” I began, but Harry shakes only a bit his head and looks at me with this please-don’t-say-it-face.

“…Harry is right.” I continue. “In the kitchen I wanted to tell her about my feelings, but than you, Liam, come in and ruin everything…” I say sad.

“Oh no. I’m so sorry Nialler!” He says.

“Don’t worry, maybe I become another chance to say it to her.”

It would be impossible! Maybe there would be again such a situation where I can tell her about my feelings, but I don’t know if I have again enough courage to tell it her…

“Maybe we can help you a bit!?” Louis asks.

“But how?” I asked back.

“Mmmhhh… ok maybe I have a plan…” Liam says.


I can’t sleep! Maybe it’s because I haven’t drunk a hot chocolate… but I think this isn’t the main reason. I stand up and walk down in the kitchen, there I look for milk and cocoa. After a few minutes I fond it. While I’m waiting, that the milk get hot, someone comes into the kitchen… oh it’s Harry. He switched the light on and frightens.

“OMG Katia! Why do you stand without a light in the kitchen?”

“I don’t want to wake someone up!” I replied.

“So what do you do?” He asks.

“Well I can’t sleep and so I make a hot chocolate, want a mug too?” I smile.

“Yeah.” He answered.

I make two hot chocolate and while I’m walking to the table I look at Harry. OMG. He’s so gorgeous and… he only wears a t-shirt and.. boxer shorts… O.M.G.

I look at this and than in his face and back to his boxer shorts. Now I must laugh!

He looked at me confused. “What’s the matter with you? Is something wrong?”

“Yes, because Dodo wears the same boxer shorts like you!”

“What really?” He asks.

“Yeah! This is so funny!” I can’t stop laughing.

“Well, why did she wear boxer shorts? Only at night?”

“Yes, it’s like a pyjama. She wears boxer shorts and a t-shirt, like you!” I answered and must laugh again.

“Hmm.. your hot chocolate is good!” He says.

“Oh thank you.” I smile.

We drink our hot chocolate… there was an awkward silence.

“So why can’t you sleep?” He asks, breaking the silence.

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t drunk a hot chocolate before sleeping, because my grandma makes every day one for me… but this is only one reason…” I answered.

“So what is the main reason?”

Oh no! I can’t tell him that he is the main reason, because he is to often on my mind and I have to many questions about him… but I can’t lie!

“Erm… well… there’s a boy and he is to often on my mind and… I have to many questions…”

“Can you tell me who’s it?” He asks cute.

“Well.. no! This is my little secret.” I answered.

“Ok, don’t worry. I understand you, because we aren’t so close and so… you don’t trust  me enough. But maybe one day we’re close enough so you would tell it me!” He says and gives me a huge smile.

“Yeah maybe.” I say.

“So we‘re friends now and maybe you can tell me something about you?”

OMG! He says we’re friends!! I die!

“Yes. What do you wanna know?” I asked him.

“Tell me about your family.”

“Well there’s me, my little brother, my parents, my grandparents and some others, like cousins and aunts, but these are too much to tell you all! Haha yeah and I really love them! My parents, my grandma and my little brother live with me in a big house. I love it, of course some time my brother annoys me, but I think this is normal for brother and sister.”

I say and laugh, Harry laughs too.

He has really a great laugh, I love it!


“… but I think this is normal for brother and sister.” She says and laughs, so I must laugh too. Her laugh is amazing!

It’s really great to hear her talking and to know her a bit better. She talks about her family, her friends and at least about her hobbies.

“Since I’m 5 I play basketball and I think I’m … good.” She says.

“Oh yeah? Wow that’s cool.” I replied. She smiled and I smiled back.

“Well, I’m tired. I’ll go to bed, ‘cus I think I can sleep now. Thanks for making me feel better!” She says and gives me a huge hug.

“No problem best friend.” I wink.

“Haha yeah, so good night best friend.” She said and walks out of the kitchen.

Wow. I’m overwhelmed. We’re now best friends, but I hope that it will be some day more than friendship…

But who’s this boy she loves? What is, when it’s not me?


While I’m thinking about her I go upstairs to our room. When I arrived, I try to be as guiet as I can, because I don’t want to wake some of the boys up.

For a few minutes I sit on my matress and do nothing, but than I dozed off right away.

*My dream*

I stand on a bank.. oh it’s the Thames! It was really dark, I can’t see a thing.. I can only hear the waves. Suddenly I heard a voice, but I don’t know who was it. So I ran towards the direction, where I think the voice comes from. It sounds like she dissapears… but than I heard it clearly.

“HARRY!” A female voice shouted.

OMG! It was Kaitia’s. And than I saw her, she was in the water! I jumed inside and swam to her. After a few seconds I held her in my arms and swam back to the bank. She froze, so I gave her my jacket and held her tight in my arms.

“Thank you so much Harry! Please never let me loose!” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Never!” I answered and kissed her.

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