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Sherlock grabbed my hand and caught me before I fell. Well shit! I was about to fall off of a freaking railing. Sherlock and I were investigating inside an old building with the longest flights of stairs, and when I leaned against the rail, it broke, causing me to fall, which leads me to the present moment.

"I've got you, (your name)! Don't let go!" Sherlock tried to pull me back up.

"Sherlock! Wy the hell would I let go!" I tried to reach for him with my other arm.

He grabbed my other hand and pulled me up. I quickly jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back intensely, rubbing the back of my head.

"Oh thank God!" He kissed my head over and over.

"My God, I almost died, and that was the best you can do." I pulled away from our hug and kissed him passionately.

We broke, panting for air.

"Well, congratulations, you're alive (your name)!" We heard a voice yell from above us.

We looked all around to see a short man wearing a suit and had short black hair. Is that who I think it is?

"Dear God..." Sherlock held me tighter. "It's him..." 

His voice sounded scared, worried. True fear and real worry.

"Well, well, well. We Meet again, right?" He giggled evily.

"Jim M-Moriarty..." Sherlock stuttered, not letting me go, but holding me tighter.

"Yes. The one and only." He raised his arms up to show his form. "Oh, and don't think about leaving cause, I've got men pointing guns at you from all around." He giggled again. "So, be respectful and walk up to me please. I'd appreciate that. Come here."

Sherlock lead the way, gripping my hand in his. We slowly approached th villain cautiously until he and Sherlock were face to face with each other.

"So..."Sherlock looked blankly at him.

"Alright, syringe." Moriarty yelled. We looked around confused until we spotted Sebastian Moran behind us.

He jabbed a syringe into Sherlock's shoulder and then mine. Great, we see being drugged. I'm gonna feel great when I wake up...

*****Time skip brought to you by the New product, Sebastian Syringe, the best way to get the job done *winks*!! *****

I could barely open my eyes enough to see what was around the room. The lights were kinda dim but I could see one thing. A snoring Sherlock. It's kinda cute actually. I crawled over to him and put an arm around his shoulder, plopping sleepily next to him.

"Sherlock." I shook him. "Sherlock, wake up."

"God they gave him a huge dose." I whispered to myself.

"Correct, I did." I heard a deep voice call from across the room.

Shit, Sebastian is here.

He walked over to me and picked me up bridal style.

"Sherlock." I tried to shout but I was too weak. "Sherlock, wake-wake up." He carried me to the door. "Sherlock!" I managed to scream and began crying. I saw Sherlock turn over and open his eyes.

"(Your name stuttered)..." He stood up and tried to walk but fell on his face after a single step, passing out again.

Sebastian carried me to another room. And, honest to God, I don't know where we were anymore. It was definitely not the old abandoned building we were investigating before. This was far to...  Tidy and kept together.

I dropped my head back while I was carried. He stopped walking.

"Set her on the bed." A more Irish voice said.

"Have fun sweetheart." Sebastian threw me on the bed, laughing evily, blowing me a fake kiss on the way out. I heard him laugh down the hallways.

"I'm so sorry for the mistreatment. I didn't have a choice, really. You'll forgive me right?" I felt a cold hand move over my stomach as I lay on my back on the cold hard bed.

"N-no..." I managed, feeling terrified goosebumps from his cold touch.

"Aww, now now. Let's have a positive attitude about this." He moved both his hands down to my waist.

"Whatre you doing..." I could feel my eyes getting puffy and tears welling in my eyes.

"I'm just pleasing you. You know you're pleased. And don't bother thanking me,  it's my pleasure, really." He laughed wickedly.

"Please, don't." I begged as I tried sitting up.

"Oh oh oh shush now, doll." He made his way over to me, putting a finger over my mouth and grinning evily.

He raised my shirt just above my belly button and felt my stomach causing me to flinch. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs.

He cuffed my hands to the bed and sat above me, looking deep into my eyes.

"This'll be fun." He came closer to my lips.

As he tried to close the gap between us, I tried turning my head to the side to dodge him. Unfortunately, that only made him inch near to kissing my neck.  He moves his wet, warm lips against my neck reaching my soft spot.

"S-Sherlock! H-help!" I begged.

Moriarty stopped and grabbed my me by the chin in his hand, gripping tight. "Don't you ever mention his name in front of me." He loosened his grip. "I'm sorry, deary." He lied and kissed my nose.

I breathed harder as he moved his hand from my face to my neck then slowly to the collor of my Shirt.

He put his lips close to my neck, his warm breath emitting onto my chilled skin.

"Hold still." He put his lips by my ear them kissed my cheek. He kept kissing as he made his way to my lips. He kissed me lustfully yet I refused to kiss back. "You better cooperate with me or...."

He clicked a screen on that showed Sebastian in the room with Sherlock. Moriarty laughed. He could tell Sebastian to hurt Sherlock if I didn't do what I was told. Shut, this is unfair.

Moriarty kisses me again, I had to kiss him back. He stopped all of a sudden and smiled against my lips.

"Undress me." I heard him mumble. "And since you have to do as your told or the cheekboned man of mysteriousness will get it, I trust you with out those handcuffs." He unlocked the cuffs which left red marks on my wrists and sat up waiting for me to undress him.

I pulled myself up and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it of off along with his suit jacket. He laughed as I unbuckled his pants and yanked them down, revealing a slight bulge.

He grabbed me by the neck and grinned wickedly. "Oh, this should be fun."

AN: omg you guys! This update took so long!! I'm so sorry. Sorry for the sucky chapter also. Alright, you, the reader, are in quite a situation. This was part 1 And frankly, I'm kinda excited for part 2. Hope you enjoyed. I just wanna thank all of you who keep reading and stuff. I know this sucks, it makes me feel better thhat I have loyal readers!! I love you guys so much!!!
-Mrs. Holmes

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