Chapter 4

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I rolled to the side, dodging a hit from his sword. Then I had to duck from a blast from his staff.

Y/n: it seems like your trying to kill me

Dalgokoth: it'll do nothing more than incapacitate you. Now stand still!

I fired an arrow which he blocked, before swinging his sword down on me. I blocked the sword with my bow, grabbing another arrow. Then I stabbed the demon right in his left eye.

Dalgokoth: Fuck!

He backed away, pulling the arrow out of his eye, before glaring towards me.

Dalgokoth: now you've pissed me off

He then rushed me with a speed I couldn't recognize, swing his sword widely. This forced me on the defensive and made it very hard to strike back.

But I managed to block his sword once again, but then felt my chest get blasted by fire.

I was sent back, my cloak on fire. I quickly stamped that out.

Emily: Y/n!

I rolled to the side, dodging a sword blow. I saw my bow was a dozen feet away from me, so I pulled out my sword.

I then rushed him, swinging towards his gut and slicing through his armor. Black blood started to bleed from the wound and the demon general backed away.

But just as quickly, I rushed towards him, stabbing him through the chest.

He then stopped, looking down at the sword.

Dalgokoth: sadly, i have no chance of victory. So I must flee

He pulled himself off my sword and he was surrounded by white magic.

Dalgokoth: Before i go Ranger, I shall give you a warning. That sword has pinned a target on your back. And he is coming for you

Y/n: no!

I rushed him, but he disappeared before i could stab him.

I stood there before i collapsed to the ground from my wounds.

Emily: Y/n!

I saw Emily run to my looking over me.

Y/n: Princess, I'm fine. I me...

The world then went back.



When I woke up, I felt something resting on my arm. I looked to see the Princess using my arm as a pillow.

So i lightly shook her.

Y/n: Princess, wake up

Emily: hmm?

She slowly opened her eyes, looking at you.

Emily: Y/n!

She then tightly hugged you.

Emily: I'm so glad your awake! We didn't know if you even would wake up!

Y/n: air, air!

???: alright, that's enough!

She was then pulled off me by someone. I looked to see who it was and saw it was Cassandra. She was glaring daggers at the Princess.

Emily: What's wrong with me hugging him? He is going to be my future husband

Cassandra: he doesn't belong to you. He's an adventurer not an emperor

Emily: oh? Does that mean he's yours?

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