Bella's POV

I can't beleive we are going to L.A. I am so excited! I put my earbuds in and slowly drift off to sleep with music in the backround. I wake up to someone shaking me. "Wake up Bella, we landed!" Nat screams in my ear. I look around and everyone is getting off the plane. We leave and the three of us get into a cab and Trevor tells the driver where to go and soon we are stopped at the front of a really big house.

Trevor opens the door and yells "Get your lazy asses down here!" Connor, Ricky, Sam, JC, and Kian come down and stand in a line. "Guys this is Bella and Nat" they will be staying with us for a week! Nat and I started fangirling and Sam noticed and he hugged me and whispered "it's okay beautiful" I started to calm down but Nat was still freaking out. Trevor noticed and hugged her for a long time "Get a room" I yelled. Sam, JC, Connor, and Ricky laughed and Kian said "Trevor get some" Trevor and Nat looked at the floor and started blushing. We talked for a bit until we heard a knock at the door. Trevor went to open it with a big smile on his face. He opened the door and Cameron Dallas, Nash and Hayes Grier, Matt Espinosa, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Jacob Whitesides came in. Nat and I started fangirling... again. Once Jacob saw me we both froze and our eyes locked, we just stood there for what seemed like forever until Ricky said "I hate to ruin this perfect moment but Nat is still freaking out" Hayes ran to her and engulfed her in a hug that lasted for 1 second, Trevor tensed up. Nat was starting to calm down when there was another knock at the door, Matt opened the door and girls came in. They introduces themselves...

Maya is Matt's Girlfriend

Laura is Shawn's Girlfriend

Rose is JC's Girlfriend

Andrea is Kian's Girlfriend (Kiandrea is back!) 

Alina is (Jack) Gilinsky's Girlfriend

Lola is Aaron’s Girlfriend

We had a great time talking and soon we were all hungry so we headed to taco bell. The guys are so funny. We got back to the O2L house and decided to film a youtube video. Kian introduced everyone and we played truth or dare. It was fun, but the jetlag started to kick in and Nat and I were heading to bed. We said goodnight to everyone and headed to bed. This was the best day ever. I can’t believe that Trevor did all that for us. “Goodnight Nat” I whispered, “Goodnight Bella”


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