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(a/n: i've finally came to rewrite and update this book😩 the entire storyline will be different as well as the characters and the relationships they have to each other so please don't be too confused <3)

Eunji froze, looking around if there was another Eunji in the classroom that he could have referred to.
But she didn't mishear him. He actually wanted her to be his seatmate.

And before she knew it, Jungwon sat next to her while quietly looking outside the window with his arms crossed.

He didn't note down any of the things that were written on the black board and Eunji could have sworn he didn't once blinked throughout the whole lesson.
How the hell did he manage to get first place in their class every year if he never took notes?

Before you ask - yes, she was staring at him.
Of course she was.
She always thought that he was so interesting and now that he sat next to her, she had more chances of admiring him and find out what exactly made him stand out from the others.

Jungwon on the other hand, didn't give any attention to her the rest of the day. Eunji expected him to at least say something after telling the teacher that he wanted to sit next to her, but he never did.

The girl immediately froze, tensing up as she looked to the side to meet his dark eyes.

"Yeah..?" She tried to sound nonchalant, but the way her voice broke sounded more like a croaking frog, that she internally cursed to herself.

"Your pen." He quietly put the violet pen onto her paper, before turning around again.

She was about to thank him, but he already went back to ignoring her. All she could do was sigh.

Damn, Eunji thought, staring at her pen in disappointment.

jungwon p.o.v

It was boring. It always was.
I was looking outside of the window while counting all the leaves that were slowly falling onto the ground, when i felt two eyes staring at me intensely.

More precisely, they've been staring at me the for whole day already and were owned by no one other than Eunji.

We never talked before, but honestly she kinda freaked me out. The way her eyes followed me everywhere I went and how she always protected the people around her like her life depended on it.

She was loud, bold and kinda bad at school.
Maybe it was her confident personality that made everyone vote her to become our class president for two consecutive years now.

But then again, Eunji was nothing outstanding, so I never looked into her the past years she was in my class.

And I was planning on continuing that.

I shook my head. Why was I thinking about her that much anyway?

Probably, because she's still staring at me. Like usually.

I always tried to not mind it, but it was getting harder each day, especially now that she was my seat mate.

I furrowed my eyebrows, feeling conflicted all of a sudden.

The only thing I knew was, that no matter what happens, I should never get involved with Eunji, if I wanted to stay unnoticed.
It would bring me unnecessary complications if I did.

jungwon's p.o.v end

The moment the bell rang both Eunji and Jungwon stood up from their seats immediately. It seemed almost too synched, making everyone in their class turn their heads towards them.

"Uh." Eunji started and was about to turn to Jungwon, but he already swiftly made his way out of the classroom.

The girl looked down. Her hopes to finally get to know him properly were failing miserably.

"Eunji! I'm forever grateful to you." Youngmin immediately ran up to the girl, tightly squeezing the life out of Eunji, while ignoring the other girl's protests and complains, "Look at my hands! They are still shaking!"

"You are overreacting." Eunji chuckled halfheartedly, before pinching her friend's nose, "It's not like I did it for you. I like my new seat."

"Of course, of course~ Nevertheless, I'm still thankful." Youngmin hugged her friend tighter, "Seriously, I should treat you for this. What do you want? Ice cream? Coffee? Both? Let me spoil you."

"No need." Eunji mumbled, her mood completely still ruined.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I feel like shit." The girl shook her head, "It's like I just got rejected, even though I never confessed to anyone." The girl sulked, stretching her arms.
"Whatever, I just need to get some fresh air and I'll be back to my old self."

"Are you sure you'll be okay on your own?"

"Yeah, go ahead, I will join you later."

"Alright, don't get kidnapped on the way." Youngmin nodded and already took out her wallet, "See you later!"

"Of course not." Eunji grinned, waving her friend good-bye.
Little did she know, that there was going to be a big turn of events, waiting for her in the near future.
Something she would have never expected.

And something she wasn't prepared for.

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