"Hey, Elle." He called me by my short name.

I grinned — forgotten I was supposed to be mad at him, forgotten he was late for more than two hours, and forgotten he almost made me call the police for help. I simply sped up my walk, and hugged the hell out of him. 

When he finally let me go, I faked a frown. "You're late."

He simply gave me an innocent look, scratching the back of his neck. "Er, I know. Sorry, sis, got something to catch up just now." Aaron said apologetically. 

I shook my head, and stared at him for a minute. Nothing had changed much of him since the last time I met him.

His hair was still messy as usual, though, it had actually gotten worse than before. I could even guess, he just got out of the bed because his shirt was crumpled. I hoped it was a clean one because I hugged him. 

"I know I'm irresistible and everything, Elle. But you don't have to stare at me like that." Aaron joked, crossing his arms to his chest. 

I snorted. "Yeah right. I was looking at your shirt. Please tell me it's clean or I will have to take an hour long shower?" 

"Don't worry. I had washed this one yesterday. Jeez, I can't believe you're doubting my hygiene!"

I gave him a flat look. 

He shrugged. "Whatever. Let's just get out of here, shall we?" Aaron announced. He picked Sophie up into one arm, carrying her, and wrapped another arm around me. Being an ex-football player made him get one of these really muscular arms. 

It was a few seconds before he said, "Hey, you've gotten thin!" he said proudly, squeezing me tightly. 

"Yet I still remain short," I sighed as I realized I was only at his shoulder, and Florida people sure were tall. 

He laughed, "Don't fret little sister. I'm sure you'll grow up even more this year," he tried to cheer me up. 

"I won't. Women stop growing when they reach eighteen years old."


"You're a little stupid for someone who has a degree, aren't you?" I said sarcastically, teasing him. 

"Keep talking, Ellie. Keep talking," Aaron said, and we made our way towards the airport main door. My eyes squinted the moment we stepped outside of the main door. Wow, the sun really did shine around here!

Aaron chuckled as I blocked the sunshine from hitting my eyes using my hand. "We better get you some sunglasses, Ellie. At least until you're used to the weather around here," 

"Is it always this bright?"

"Always," he pointed out before looking at me upside down. "Oh, and Elle?"


"You're wearing too much clothes." he said, shaking his head in disapproval.

I looked at the people around me, and he was right. Most people around here was either in shorts or skirts. I might just break Florida's book of record for wearing a long-sleeve, baggy, light blue shirt, and a simple jeans. 

And you know what, this was the best attire I could think of before I flew to Florida. Yet it still wasn't the most suitable one.

I sighed. "I don't know if I can survive around here, Aaron."

"Again, don't think too much. There's a reason why you have such an amazing brother," Aaron winked his eye. "You'll be fine. And you can start over everything here. Trust me."

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