44: Need to Apologize

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Aayat's Pov:

            After the breakfast, when everybody had went to start their usual work routine I went up the stairs. Entering into my room, I saw him in the balcony as he was talking over the phone. Averting my gaze, I went to change into a formal dress as today I had to return to work.

            Picking a pale pink coloured blouse with an oversized white jacket and loose leg pants, I forced myself to dress into the outfit for the day.

Looking at my reflection in mirror, I recalled what happened the last time while I had gone to court

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Looking at my reflection in mirror, I recalled what happened the last time while I had gone to court.

I had returned to the news of Abba's passing.

          And no matter how many days past, that memory will always remain as fresh as a newly got wound. I took a deep breath and brought myself together as I remembered what Abba always wanted me to do.

He had always taught me to be true with my work. No matter what, he wanted me to keep going on and help as much people as I can through my Job and help them to get justice.

          'I will keep going on for you Abba..' I mumbled as I blank back the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. Picking the White coloured hijab from the rack, I wrapped it loosely around my head as I still had to apply moisturizer and sunscreen on my face which was outside.

         I stepped outside as I reminded myself that I had to still tell Mahir about me going back to court. Lost into my thoughts, I was walking towards the mirror table when I bumped into something, or someone.

"Sorry.." we both said at the same time as I found him looking at me , at first apologisingly but then his expression changed into something which I couldn't understand as I felt strange finding his gaze stuck at me.

          Thankfully, he soon came out of the trance as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and asked a little hesitantly,

"Are you going.. somewhere?"

          I nodded and then said before he could ask anything further,

"Actually Mahir.. I am rejoining work from today.."

         I saw his face relax a bit as he said,
"Oh.." and after a while added,

"That's..that's great but why all of a sudden you want to join back?"

          I again found him looking curiously as I answered after a little pause,

"Um.. because today is one very important case's hearing in the court and I must be there..."

           He just nodded and then as I finally proceeded towards mirror to apply the lotions on my face he abruptly said turning towards my direction so that I could see his face through mirror,

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