Chapter 2 - Memory lost

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Chapter 2 – Memory lost

Morning arrived and it was supposed to be a fresh new day for the Summer twins, but alas, there seems to be more problem piled onto the Summer twins.

With crossed arms, Ashton stared at his sister with an expression mixed with anger and worry. "Don't go."

Ashley would have laughed if he was not genuinely concerned. "It will build my good karma to help him." She definitely needs some. There was no one replying to their hiring ads, her father got sick, and their restaurant's business was dropping in a sharp decline.

"He does not deserve your help." Ashton practically growled in anger.

"His parents are traveling, and there's no one there to take care of him," Ashley said calmly, despite her feelings was a mess. She dreads to meet him again, after what had happened in the past between them.

Ashley tried not to be hopeful that Sean was still in love with her just because his phone still has her contact number saved under an endearment. He might be keeping her number in case of an emergency and likely forgot to change the name, not because he still has feelings for her. One thing that she knows very well about him was that his work will always his first priority.

And it was his priority that hardened her resolve to ask him for a divorce.

Ashley did not change her number all these years because she found it to be a trouble to change her number just because of a divorce. But secretly, she had hoped that Sean would call her and ask her to return to his side.

Four years passed, but that never happened.

"Don't he have a wife?" Ashton asked grumpily and Ashley feels the same way as well.

"He does, but no one could contact her." Another pang of pain hit Ashley when she remembers that not long after their divorce, he had gotten married again.

Ashley had tried to contact everyone that knows Sean but unexpectedly, most of them could not be reached or claim that they were busy and could not help their amnesia friend. What a heartless bunch of people.

May bad karma fall upon them.

"You don't have to go. You are not his relative. And you are needed here."

Ashley smiled and hugged her brother. "Someone needs to look after him, even if I dislike him. Mom okay-ed me to go too. You will call me when something happens, right?"

"I will." Ashton sighed wearily. "Fine, go and get your heart broken again- Ouch!" He hissed in pain when Ashley punched his arm without controlling her strength.

Even if they were twins, Ashton was a head taller than Ashley. But they shared the same blue eyes and brown hair. Ashton had cut his hair short as if he was still in his military days, while Ashley had let her hair grow to mid-waist, tied up in a neat ponytail.

"I will come back as soon as I can," Ashley promised and grabbed her luggage when she heard the taxi driver honk to get her attention.

Ashton sighed. "Go and come back quickly. I will protect the base."

Ashley snorted. "Stop with these military terms. We run a restaurant, not a military camp."

"Yes, ma'am!" Ashton saluted.

Ashley rolled her eyes at his brother's antics but her expression was gentle and warm. "Thanks." Ashley reached up and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She entered the cab and waved until she could not see Ashton anymore. Only then the smile on Ashley's face disappeared.

Ashley keeps on telling herself why she agreed to take care of Sean was that she could not just leave him alone without anyone taking care of him. However, no matter how much she wanted to deny, her heart actually wanted to see him.

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