Chapter 11:Sports festival ahead

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My robotic arm was really damaged so Kai is fixing it,so I only have one arm.And Itsuki is being very overprotective and is being a worrywart.We were right infront of the classroom door and he went infront of me,"I'll get it",he opens the door and I entered.

Izuku POV

I was seated at my desk writing In my notebook on (Yn)'s page.I couldn't get the image of her dismembered body over the floor lifeless.I grip my pencil why did I ignore her.I hear the door open to reveal (Yn),I'm so happy to see her.Her blazer was tied over her waist,I than noticed her arm was missing.I see the others with the same kind of worry.Than Autumn puts her stuff on her desk and sits at his.She goes over and sits having a conversation with him.I looked down at my notebook sadly,I remember when I had the same relationship with her.


I was talking to Itsuki and the door opens to reveal Aizawa sensei.I heard Iida say,"Its nice to see you well",another voice said,"you call that well".He than looks at us sternly,"My well being doesn't matter,your fight isn't over"

"Don't tell me..."

"More villians"

He responds,"The sports festival is coming up",they all cheer except Itsuki and I.They than start chatting with each other.Lets just say this class went by fast.We than went out to lunch,Itsuki walked with me to lunch.He got our trays and took it to our table.I sat down with him infront of me,I was going to get my chopsticks but Itsuki got it and picked up some noodles."Open wide","I can feed my self,"No you can't now eat it before I force it into your mouth",he had a tint of pink I don't know if it's from embarrassment or angure.I sighed in defeat and ate it.He took bites of his food and fed me.When it was time to go we threw away our trash.We went back to class and sat down.

Time skip

Class ended and Itsuki got our stuff even after I protested against it.As we walked to the door we saw the door was blocked.Mineta than cryed out ,"I won't let you take us hostage".I glared at him,"We're not going to be hostages and even if we were you'd be the first to be killed",that seemed to shut him up.I looked ahead and saw a boy with purple hair,he looks familiar. I squinted,hes the boy I defended him before.He looks at us and says,"How sad to come here and find a bunch of egomaniacs.I wanted to be in a hero course but like many others here,I was forced to choose a different track such as if any of us do well in the sports festival.The teachers can decide to transfer us to the hero course, scouting the competention".He looks over at me and his eyes widened but turned back to normal .Than a other guy spoke up,"Hey you,I'm from class 1-b next door to you!We heard you fought some villians,and I came to see if it's true.But you're just a bunch of brats who think our better than us!"Th see was a silence and he spoke again,"Talk all you want, it'll just be more embarrassing when your KO'd".Than Baka-go said,"They don't matter,it only matters that I beat them".Then he walked away than the guy said,"I'm coming for you"!I groaned of course it would be Bakugo to make them hate us even more.Than the boy from 1-B looked at me,"Your the girl that fixed our computer","Yup".He than looks at my arm,his eye widened,"What happened to your arm",the rest of the students gasp."Let's just say I was torn apart but put back to together".I smile at them,"If you excuse me  I have to go pick up Miyuki".Itsuki looks at her confused,"No you don't,I have  to pick her up","Actually I do because she texted me from your phone".I than walk away and he grumbles,"That little brat","I heard that".I than hear him run after me and shouting.

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