Learning to love again: Chapter Three

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I speed down the ice covered streets, leaving snow flurries in my wake, going so fast the world outside is merely a blur of gray to my vision. Hot tears build in my eyes tempt to fall again, but I push them away when I push in a CD of my favorite songs, full of power and confidence. Giving me the confidence to confront whatever may come at me for the rest of this gray-skied day.

I am driving so fast that I almost drive into the car waiting outside my house. In shock, I brake with a loud screech and swerve on my ice covered dry. Drifting with my superb skills around their car, as well as them I maneuver myself to halt. Breathless with fascination at my own skills I turn down my CD until it is barley a whisper. In the center of my ring stand two mysterious figures in what appears to be crisp black suits, black wool coats, and sunglasses, which shielded their eyes from my vision.

Why would anybody wear sunglasses in the middle of winter? They must be some psychos who have convinced themselves they are apart of Men in Black. I wonder if they have cool gadgets. Hmmm...maybe they really are MIB's. I mean why else would anyone come to this house. It was on the skirts of Gotham City with as much foliage to cover my massive bricks, as Rapunzel had to cover her tower

I ponder why they would be visiting me because I have no connections to aliens...that I know of now. Nothing happens anymore in quiet Gotham City. After The Joker's death, several other villains followed suit in their demise, attempting to kill a large amount of people and ending up killing only themselves. New villains started to come on the rise, but only to be cut short when Gotham advanced Arkham Asylum and began adding a few technical perks to their overall investigation of criminals.

They did not look familiar, but I could no longer ponder the thought as I heard a loud knock come from my tinted window. Checking my make up in the rear view mirror to make sure my tears did not leave my face smudged I let down the window.

"We need to talk Ms. Jinx. About your driving as well as other matters of great importance." He replied curtly, but his face framed in a soft smile tells otherwise. I can see question in his eyes as he looks at my appearance.

"We can talk right here." I replied matter-of-factly as I notice him shiver beneath his wool coat. I wonder how he knows my name, but know I can wait him out because I can feel the wind chill inside my heated car. Aliens told him. It is the most obvious solution to my current situation. I wonder if they will pull out cool gadgets after they get all the information they need from me and zap me.

"My partner and I would greatly appreciate it if you would come inside to talk to us." He replied biting his lip to keep his teeth from chattering.

"I do not know you two very well, but I will give you the keys to my house. If you steal anything...even something as stupid as a harmless alien stowed in my room, there will be a huge price to pay." I replied holding back the laughter that threatens to overflow and tossing him the keys to my house drive around to the garage.Hmmm...I wonder if aliens live somewhere in my house for real? Maybe they want to discover some mother of aliens living in my attic. That would be quite interesting. Or... I could have a pet dog or something that was really an alien. I could talk to it when I got home from school, but I never knew of because I was too depressed with my life to venture up into my attic.

The thought of school sends shivers down my spine nonetheless, but vanishes quickly by the soothing music that I turn back up on my CD player. I found out long ago not to care about the snide remarks people heatless people could make. I relax into the car as I roll up my window and listen to the music changing to another song. Stopping short so I can open the garage I gently park inside of my medium sized garage. I cut the engine and close the door savoring the relaxing moment of being in the comfort of my car. I look over at the inside of my car and marvel at the dramatic the transformation of my car. It was barely a car when I found it about to be demolished. I saved this precious piece of metal or as I commonly said to myself as I thought about our first encounter. Forging a permanent bond between the two of us, this caused me to dedicate a good deal of my time working to repair, as well as remodel, this car. This car is what had brought me out of the watery depths of sorrow that had been drowning me since I had lost the ones I had grown to love again.

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