thirty two

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I made my way out the house to the front.

I was fucking fuming.

I wasn't trying to let it show because if I really got angry I would've punched my 'dear cousin' in the face and I don't think that would be a very good first impression.

Maybe next time..


I turned my head to see all four of my brothers walking out the door.

"You okay?" Demitri asked.

"Other than wanting to punch her in the face. Yeah, I'm good."

"Now you know why we don't like to come over often." Giovanni muttered.

"Yup. Fully understood now."  We walked back to the car in a comfortable silence.

Yes please get me away from this house.

Dad joined us in the car a minute later and we started pulling off.

"Wait you guys don't want to stay?"

"Why would you think that?" Eli asked.

"Well I mean they're family and everything so-"

"And you're my daughter."

"And our sister."

"So if they pissed you off, they pissed us off."

I smiled at their response, I really need to stop thinking like I'm alone still.

I have them now.

When we got home, Adriano made us watch a movie before going our separate ways.

He takes family time a little too seriously.

Now in my room, I changed into sweatpants and a crop top. I got comfortable in my bed before checking my phone.

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Immediately calling Neptune back I brought my phone to my ear.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

N- "Hello?" Her voice cracked.

A- what happened Nep?

N- why are you assuming something happened? She spoke quietly.

A- Your talking lower than normal and your voice cracked- you've been crying. Why?

N- Damn you and your observation skills.
It's nothing really, Zara just broke things off. I'm over reacting-

A- What the hell Nep, your not over reacting at all. You two have been talking for weeks, why'd she break it off now?

N- She said she was just experimenting.
Athena is that all I'm good for by this point?

I could feel the pain in her voice as physical pain.

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