Chapter 3

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I rolled to the left, bidding behind a broken tomb.

I saw black fireballs fly over me and I could only hope one didn't hit me.

Xur'gog: you can't hide forever kids!

I looked over, seeing Cassandra in a similar situations.

She looked towards me, before motioning towards the demon General.

I shook my head no but she shook her head yes. Then she stood up, blocking attacks and running towards the enemy.

Xur'gog: stupid kid

She was flung backwards and I heard her armor crack as she hit the wall.

She didn't move.

I then stood up, 3 arrows notched and fired.

Arrows sore through the air, but we're burned by the black fire.

Xur'gog: did you really think that would do anything? Hah! You must be dumber than I thought!

I then had to dodge another fireball. If my bow didn't work, I had one option.

I dropped it, running towards the demon.

Xur'gog: see you in hell kid!

He then threw 3 fireballs but I dodged them. I then unsheathed my sword, swinging it.

I saw a magic dark purple barrier come up to protect him, but my sword shattered it once it touched.

Xur'gog; what?!?

I then sliced his arm open and he backed up.

He looked down at his wound, before looking at my sword.

Xur'gog; my lord would be upset if I killed you. Especially if he doesn't know who you are

I rushed him, but purple magic surrounded him and he teleported away.

I stopped for a few seconds, catching my breath.

Then I dropped my sword, running towards Cassandra.

I removed her helmet and she was sitting there eyes closed. She looked dead.

Y/n: Cassandra?!

Cassandra: yes?

She opened her eyes, gaining a smirk that pissed me off.

Cassandra: i was just taking a nap

I hit her over the head, causing her to hold her head.

Y/n: not funny! Now get up, we have to get back to Vluadale!

Time skip

We rode through the afternoon, reaching Vluadale by midday dads.

As we neared, I saw the guards take up an offensive position.

The gate was opened and someone walked up to us.

George: well well well. Did you think about the offer the Emperor has, cause I still don't want to hurt you

Y/n: yeah, no. We have a big problem, so I'll need to speak with him

George: and that is?

Y/n: Demon Lord Rietalus is alive. We were forced to battle one of his generals and he sent another one to destroy this city

The demon lord Rietalus use to rule this world 5,000 years ago. He ruled with an iron fist with 7 demon generals accompanying him in his conquest. He has been dead for 5,000 years, since he was overthrown and his generals presumably killed.

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