Chapter 1

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3 POV:

The clock tics loudly in the room with the only sounds on her nails clicking on the key board, she waits patiently for her work shift to end. She hates working here, her boss is the one and only Alexander Cattlino she is his assistant, Holly Blackman she thought having this would be an opportunity of a life time turns out it was the worst mistake of her life accepting this position she never understood why no one stayed longer than a few months but now she knows why, she watches the clock waiting for her misery to end for this-the phone rings bringing her out of her trance.

"Cattlino Industries, how may I help you?" "Hello I would like to leave a message for Mr Cattlino." She takes out a note pad and pen to write down the message. "What would you like me to tell Mr Cattlino?" "Would you mind telling Mr Cattlino, that one of his shipments went wrong?" His last word made her heart stop that's the last word she needs to hear right now wrong. "W-orng, w-what do you m-ean wron-g?" "Yeah there is a pacific reason I wanted to leave a message and not call or tell Mr Cattlino personally." "Yeah no sh- sorry for that I will tell.... M-Mr Cattlino r-right a-way." "Thank you, I will leave you to it then" "No wai- that UGH! I can believe this that bastard, Mr Cattlino is going to have my head for this"

Holly presses the button for the intercom and waits for the buzzing sound BUZZ "Hello Mr Cattlino?" "What do you want this time?" His dark and deep voice comes over the intercom "Mr Cattlino I have a message from your shipment pillor.." She waits a few seconds for his reply it may have been only a few seconds but it felt like years "What's the message?" His voice coming out harsher that she would of liked. Her breath gets caught in her throat, the hairs on the back of her neck are standing up this is the worse this shouldn't be happ- "HOLLY! Answer ME!" Shit. "Sorry Mr Cattlino, em... I-I have been told to t-ell you t-that your shipment..." "Spit it OUT girl" "Your shipment order has went wrong sir, y-your shipment n-never s-howed up sir, I-I'm sorry sir" His breathing becomes heavy or the intercom she closes her eyes wishing the marble floor would swallow her whole "That bas-Fuck! Call in my brother right away I need to sort this out" she quickly replies a quick 'yes' and calls in his brother Marcus.

The elevator door opens to the 70th floor "Hello brother, long time no see." "Marcus I'm really not in the mood, just tell me what the HELL HAPPENED TO MY SHIPMENT!" Marcus wipe of some imaginary spit and looks at his brother watching his chest rapidly going up and down due to his heavy breathing "Well my dear brother whom I call,
Alexander, I have two words for you 'Russian Mafia'" "Those FUCKING BASTARDS! I should have known!" Marcus waits a few seconds before continuing. "Well some who they found out about our shipments and took the merchandise, sorry brother." "Leave" His brother stares at him for a second before replying "I'm sorry but no, you will mostly end up doing something stupid and Cel-" "No, don't say a word get out" "Dude she's only been gone for 3 weeks she will be back jus-" Alexander pulls out a gun that was tucked in his trousers and points it at Marcus "I swear to any stupid fucking god that is listening to your prayers right now that is you don't turn around and get in that elevator and leave this room I will put a bullet in between you eyes!" "Fine god I'm leaving! Jesus I'm just saying you guys shouldn't be taken away from each other I swear if you guys did-" "MARCUS! Leave the goddam room before I put you 6 feet under" "Fuck I'm leaving"

Alexander just stared out the window when his phone started to ring, he sighs loudly and looks at the screen 'Veronikia' a smile instantly appears on his face "Hey baby, hows your school trip going with your friends going?" "Oh my god! Daddy it's going amazing, thank you so much for allowing me to come! Only 2 more weeks then I get to see you and mum again!" "Aww!! Baby I'm glad your enjoying yourself. I miss you too Ronny can't wait to see you too, I know your mum can't wait to see you either she is still on her business trip so you will have to wait a little longer to speak to you sorry." "Yeah I know, but remember the moment she can call, please both of you face time me!" "Ha ha yeah I promise, are your bodyguards looking after you, but also keeping hidden?" "Ha yes dad they are looking after me, I need to go we are going to the market today! Love you dad call you tomorrow!" "Love you too baby! Have fun, I will talk to you tomorrow."
"Love you bye!"

A smile stays on his face before he remembers where he is, he presses the intercom button to talk "Holly!" "Y-yes sir" He rolls his eyes at her stutter. "Cancel all my meeting and appointments for the rest of the day I'm going home early." "B-but sir w-what about your 630?" "It's an appointment isn't it? Fucking cancel it!" "Y-yes sir, s-sorry s-sir." He lets go of the button and makes his way to his privet elevator down to the car park.

"Jesus I swear people can be so fucking thick sometimes, Jesus" The elevator dings open and he makes his way to his veneno roadster car and starts the engine.

"Jesus I swear people can be so fucking thick sometimes, Jesus" The elevator dings open and he makes his way to his veneno roadster car and starts the engine

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