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Chapter 5

Kiss & Tell

The next day i went to the beach with the Lynch's. We had a blast! They're truly an amazing family.

Afterwards i went back with them to their house, and Ross walked me up to his room. I was wearing my bright yellow bikini again, just this time with a pair of white-washed really, really short shorts with a pink crop tee that only went down to my belly button. Ross had taken off his shirt at the beach and refused to put it back on, so he was shirtless. He put his arm around my shoulders and we started walking towards his room; i had my head nuzzled into his shoulder. Surprisingly none of his family seemed to noticed us leave the room.

As soon as we walked into Ross's room, he twirled me, then pushed me against the wall. He smiled and pressed his forehead against mine, then he kicked the bedroom door shut. He moved in closer to me until i was wedged tightly (but not uncomfortably) between the wall and Ross. I grabbed his hands and smiled at him, and he leaned in even closer, so that our noses were pressed against eachother. I smiled and he fluttered his eyelids, then he leaned in and kissed me. My body tingled and my thoughts dimmed. I pushed against Ross and he pushed against me. We still had our fingers woven together. Suddenly Ross did something that i hadn't expected: he licked my lip softly with the tip of his tongue, and somehow i knew what he was thinking. I relaxed my lips and let him push his tongue through and into my mouth.

In books whenever they had talked about kissing with their tongues, i had always found it gross and disturbing. But now, experiencing it myself, i understood why the kiss was always mentioned.

I broke away slightly to breath, then i pushed my lips against Ross's again. He slid his tongue back into my mouth. I could feel him laughing, and his heart was beating quickly. Soon enough he had to break away to gasp for air, but then we went right back at it. Slowly i moved my hands up and wrapped them around his neck, whilst he slid his hands down my sides until he reached my hips.

I was still pressed against the wall. I decided that a change of background would be nice. I started pushing Ross over, away from the wall, still kissing. Ross got the idea and started walking too, but he started going a different direction than me. He angled us towards his bed and we kept kissing. "As long as he doesn't try to 'make a move on me', I'm fine," i thought to myself. I closed my eyes again and let Ross push me over to his bed. I crawled on backwards so that we could keep kissing, then Ross lay down on top of me. I put my hands around his neck again, and he started caressing my face and upper body. A happy thrill ran up my spine and i pushed into Ross more. Then there was a knock on the door and Riker stepped in. He saw Ross on top of me, us frozen mid-kiss, then said, "Um..."

Ross quickly rolled off of me with a sheepish grin, then he said, "Yeah?" a little harshly to Riker.

"Oh. I was just coming to tell you guys that we're all leaving in like 20 minutes. But mom said that if you two wanted, you could stay here or something..." he trailed off and glanced awkwardly at me.

Ross looked at me and said, "I think we'll stay here... What do you think Jord?"

I blushed and said, trying to comb out my messy hair with my fingers as i did so, "Either way is fine with me!"

Ross shot riker a look, and riker put his hands up in a "I'm sorry" kind of way and shot Ross a glance, then walked away.

Ross gave a short little laugh, then lay down. i smiled and sat on top of him. I wrapped my legs around his midsection and he put his hands on my thighs. I sat looking down at his pretty face, catching my breath. Then i laughed and leaned down and kissed him, straightening myself out on top of him as i did so.

Ross broke away from me and said, breathing heavily, "So. You've met my whole family now... When do i get to meet the rest of yours?"

I smiled down at him and put my hand on his soft, hot, shirtless chest and whispered, "Soon..." i took a deep breath, "Would tomorrow work?"

"I'm going to be filming in the afternoon, but morning I'm free!" he grinned and put his hand on the back of my head.

I looked at the clock and almost screamed. "Oh my gosh! I should really get home..." i gave Ross a sad look, and he frowned, then said, "Nonsense! It's already past 10. You could just stay here... If you text your mom and tell her you're spending the night here, then we're good, right?" he twirled my hair.

"I don't know Ross..." i said uncomfortably. "My mom might suspect... Something..."

"How bout this: you text your mom, say your spending the night here, and add that my mom said it was ok already?"

"But, Ross, we didn't ask your mom!" i started moving off of him but he pulled me back. I didn't argue.

"She won't care... Obviously she knows what we're doing. Riker can't keep any secrets from the rest of the family..."

I blushed and said, "Wait. So your parents know that we're up here, doing..." i hesitated. "This. And they don't care?"

Ross laughed. "Didn't you notice that none of them payed us any attention when we came up here? Jordan, trust me, they know me too well. They know that I'd never... make a move on you. They trust me."

I hesitated, then became more aware of how wonderful it felt to be lying with Ross. "Okay," Ross smiled, then leaned in to kiss me when i said, "Wait. Where's ryland? I thought you two shared a room?"

Ross smiled again and said, "I bet he's sleeping with rocky and riker. He always does anyway -- this is basically just my room with all of rylands junk in it."

I laughed and said something super smart, like "oh", then i let Ross kiss me again.

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