Chapter 1

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Ellie rushed home after school, she was desperate to go round to her friend Amy’s house, it was Halloween and they were having a sleep over. She quickly got dressed and packed a bag to take with her, she hid her homework underneath her bed, knowing that her mother wouldn’t let her go anywhere if she had homework, she was strict like that.

“Mom, can you take me to Amy’s!” she shouted down to her mom.

“Ask your dad, I’m busy,” she shouted back.

Ellie huffed and stomped off to her dads office, she banged on the door then opened it and strolled in, he didn’t look impressed with her interruption.

“Daddy?” She smiled at him.

She had him wrapped around her little finger, knew exactly what to say to him, exactly what look to give him. Any trace of irritation he had was gone as he smiled back, he was too easy Ellie thought as she walked over to him.

“What do you want angel, I’m busy,” he told her.

That was another thing that got on her nerves, her parents were always busy, she had no idea why they had even had a child because they had no time for her, they just gave her money to keep her occupied.

“Can you take me to Amy’s?” she begged.

Eric shook his head, he hadn’t got time to be driving her around, he knew what she was like she wouldn’t just want to go to Amy’s she would expect him to pick her friends up as well and he was no taxi service.

“No angel, you will have to ask your mom,” he muttered, getting back to the important document he was typing up.

“Oh for fuc...” she never got to finish as her father slammed his hand down on the desk.

“Young ladies do not use that sort of language, I should ground you for a month!” he scolded.

Ellie glared at him, he wouldn’t dare, he wouldn’t want her around him driving him mad for a month, there was no way he would ground her and she knew it.

“I’m sorry daddy,” she said giving him her puppy dog eyes.

He knew what she was doing, but he was a fool and was easily sucked in by it.

“It’s ok, but don’t do it again.”

Ellie smiled sweetly at him, it was time for phase two, the guilt trip. She picked her bag up and walked over to the door. She turned the door handle and then stopped and looked over her shoulder.

“Bye daddy, If I never see you again because I get murdered on my way to Amy’s just know that I forgive you,” she told him.

Eric jumped up, she was a little madam, she always got her own way, he picked his car keys up and motioned for her to hurry up. Ellie skipped down the stairs with a triumphant smile, he was just too easy.

Her mother came out of the kitchen and smirked and her, then shook her head at Eric, she knew exactly what her daughter had done. It didn’t work on her, but she was a daddy’s girl and he would fall for any sob story she had.

“Behave yourself,” her mother warned her sternly.

Ellie resisted the urge to stick her fingers up at her and just smiled and nodded. She followed her father out to the car and jumped in, it was getting cold and she shivered as her father opened his door and got in.

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