Taylor POV:

I smiled as I read the note. I removed the blankets off of my feet and got up. I had never been this tired, ever! And to think I barely did anything last night! Ofcourse, I did play to a crowd of a few thousands, but other than that? Meredith was fast asleep, and the sound of me stretching, woke her up. "Oh, hello there, good morning!" I said, as I bent down to hold her in my arms. Meredith had fallen asleep under one of the couches in the tour bus. Poor thing, must've been cold. I cuddled her as tight as I could to keep her warm. I walked over to the door, and pushed it open. The sun shone happy and bright. I walked out of the tour bus, and felt something in pocket buzz. Liz, said the caller ID. I felt my heart skip a beat. "Hello! Liz? How are you?! I was worried, you hadn't called for so long!" I yelled on the phone. Loud enough to make our catering service, jump up from their seat. "I'm SO sorry!" I held Meredith, and walked to the backstage arena.

Liz's squeaky voice, was finally heard. "Taylor! I feel so bad for not calling you! I got a bit carried away with the recording and everything of the album! I'm super sorry! I hope you're not mad at me!" 

"Me, mad at you? That can never be possible!" Taylor spoke. She and Liz had become the closest friends ever since the first met. They knew every single thing about each other, and they often called Liz, Taylor's cheeky twin. When she suddenly left, Taylor's world was incomplete, and even the Agency often talked about how much they missed her. Liz, had still continued to talk, not realising Taylor didn't listen to even a single word she had said. "So, how does that sound?" Liz asked, hoping for Taylor to answer. "Um, what? I don't think I was listening, sorry Liz!" Taylor said, guiltly. "Lost in your own world again? Haha, I said that I was in California at the moment, maybe you would like to have lunch together or something?" 

"Yess! Please can you change that lunch to a coffee, I just got up from my sleep!" Taylor asked, imitating a little child's voice.

Within an hour or so, Liz had arrived at the arena, Taylor ran up to hug her. "I've missed you so much! How is the album coming along?" She asked Liz. "I've missed you too! The album is coming along rather fine, thankyou." Liz replied running the fingers through her hair acting cheeky as always. Taylor looked through her closet, as she entered the green room. What to wear? What to wear? She passed by a beautiful white floral dress. When in doubt, always pick her dress, said the stylist inside of her. She left her hair open, and picked up her signature red lipstick. Liz opened the door, just as Taylor was done smacking her lips. "Ready?" asked Liz.

Taylor and Liz talked about everything that had happened in the past year, as they walked their way to the cafe. The papparazzi ofcourse, followed them around in every step. "Taylor! Look here!", "Why did you end it with Conor?","Are you dating anyone now?!", "Look here, Taylor! Give us a smile!" They both were used to this kind of attention and the questions made Taylor the sudden urge to yell out. Her mind worked out the consequences and decided not to. She faked a smile, and crossed the street. California was lined up with the restaurants and cafes. Any place in the world, you name it, they've opened up a branch in Cali. "Hey, I think we should try out the new cafe, which has opened up next to Borders, and Topshop. I think it's called Detroit's Soul or something." Liz said. "Well, alright.." Taylor nodded. She never said no to anything Liz had asked her for.

There it was, 2-week old cafe called Detroit's Soul located right in the centre of California. Taylor smelt the fresh aroma of the coffee, and already decided this would be where she'd come every single day. This would be it! Liz nudged Taylor asking her to move along as she stood in the middle of the door with her eyes closed taking it all in. She walked over to the counter with Liz tagging along to place the order. The cashier obviously did not expect Taylor on her customer list, therefore a unexplainable reaction came across her face. "Um...T..Ta..Taylor..um, would...you...like...to...place..your...order..?" "Yes, I'll take 2 Hot Chocolates and a box of those homemade cookies to go." said Taylor breaking into a smile. As they waited around, she heard a person's voice..it sounds so familiar, she thought. That warmth in the voice, the short laugh after talking, so familiar, she turned around, and saw Ed sitting across the table with a Cappucino, and ofcourse, his guitar, talking on the phone. He felt, people staring at him, and looked up to see Taylor.

Ed's POV:

"Why don't you want me back, Ed? Are you seeing somebody else? Don't you like me anymore?" Alice bombarded me with a million questions, I just couldn't answer. "Listen, Alice. I loved you I really did! But things changed, we both wanted completely different things, and I think we talked about it before too." I replied. "Here's your order, sir." said a young woman who looked like she was in her early 20's and placed a hot cappucino on my table. "Thanks.."

Two women walked into the cafe, and all I saw were their heels, I wasn't looking up for a while. The last thing I needed were paps realising I was in here. Alice still continued to talk on the phone. It had been over 15 minutes. "You really are seeing somebody else aren't you? Is it one of those models, that Harry friend of yours set you up with?" Alice had no intention of hanging up without getting an answer. Taylor's name had the urge of coming out of my mouth. But why? Why did I have feelings for Taylor? I bet she doesn't even see me that way. "Yes, you..you got me. I'm seeing someone. But it's no one Harry set me up with." I said. She never liked Harry, why I always thought. I always seemed to have lots of questions nowadays when it came to Alice- is someone watching me?" I looked up to see a beautiful face with shining blue eyes, and they were looking right at me.

"Hi! What are you doing here?"
Taylor asked Ed. "Hey, you know, I'll call you back." Ed talked over to the phone, and hung up. Taylor walked over to the table, and pulled out a chair. "Is this seat taken?" Taylor asked in a funny voice. "It is served for a date, but you can take it!" Ed replied, laughing. Liz pulled a chair from another table, and sat down. "Oh, and this is Liz, she was with me for a really long time, you know in The Agency, with Caitlin, Grant, Amos and everyone..and then.." She paused. "She decided it was time for her to move on. She is now recording a new album now! Isn't that great?" Taylor told Ed. "Nice to meet to Liz, oh and you guys want something you drink, coffee, anything?" Ed asked the girls. "No, it's alright! We've ordered some coffee, for ourselves. How was your morning?" Taylor asked Ed. "It was good, just a bit tiring, I was, um, writing a lot. So, just met with my friend, Jake, you know, I told you about him. We've been writing a lot, happy to say that by next year around this time, you'll be humming along to something from my new work!" Ed said, joyfully. "Really? That's so great! I can't wait to hear it!" Taylor said, clapping her hands like a 5 year old with the biggest smile on her face. Ed sat for a while a smiled looking at her. And she did the same. There was a moment of silence, they both stared at each other for a while. "She is...beautiful.." Ed thought. "It's starting all over again..isn't it? I'm falling in love again.." Taylor thought.

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