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Started: 27th September 2020

Finished: Ongoing

Hi guys! I'm super excited to be announcing this new book! It's been quite some time since I've uploaded and I'm so happy to be getting back into it. Whether you're a new reader, or you've been reading my books for years, I can't wait to go on this journey with you all. 

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The remote town of Huntsville is known for many things. It's filled with towering mountains, deep rivers and steep gorges. Its lush and picturesque landscape are why families flock there every summer, but Huntsville is home to more than what meets the eye.

Carson has spent every summer vacationing at his family's holiday home, enjoying everything that Huntsville has to offer with his family and friends. This summer, while on a hike, Carson meets Harvey, a flirty local who introduces him to the hidden side of Huntsville.

As Carson unlocks the secrets of Huntsville, he learns more about Harvey and as their relationship grows, so does the scrutiny surrounding them. As Carson delves into an unfamiliar world, will his old world crumble around him?

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