Another Free Chapter! (Limited Time)

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Assalaamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakatuhu!

Before I begin, sorry about a little confusion. It was my fault.

Signing up below my profile will bring you a chapter you haven't seen before, that's true, but it is going to remain a freebie forever! As in whenever someone comes across my web page and signs up, they'd receive that chapter.

However, there is another chapter that is put up on Amazon now. Here's a glimpse:

Manha, Zahra, Eshaal, and Rida have always been the teachers' most trusted students; the most reliable in their batch.

One fine day, however, these four friends decide to let lose and enjoy, not caring about the consequences that would follow. 

What will they do in their excursion? How would it serve in their mission to make memories?

Always having seen our girls as people who hold charge, this is your chance to have a peek into their graduation days and see how crazy they can be as students 😄🙃
(The link would be posted on my bio as well)

You can get it on Amazon for free until September 22, 2020. After this week, it will still be available in the said platform for a good price. Go get your copy, though, while it's still free!

See you soon in the next post, In sha' Allaah!

Assalaamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakatuhu!

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