Time To Get Laid

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Hey painions... I sorta forget what I wrote last time... My phone completely deleted this lemon which made me have a dramatic freak attack and punch basically everything I saw... Stupid phone... Anyways!!! Here's the lemon


Name; Akiko Uzumaki

Personality: evil, mean but caring

Virgin: yes

Looks: long red hair, green eyes

Clothes:black t shirt, shorts, knee socks and ninja boots



I sit at the bar and chug the rest of my rye before getting up and taking the crowd of teenage dancers head on with only the thought of getting fucked on mind.

    I push my way through the crowd scanning the area looking for a hot single guy... Soon my eyes land on a shaggy haired red head and I smile 'time to get laid' I think as I proceed towards him.

      "Hey sexy" I slur and drape my arms around his neck (A/N he doesn't have his gourd on him)

    "Hey.." He pauses noticing the nickname I gave him before shaking it off and continuing "um have you seen a tall idiot male who looks like a cat and a shorter blonde with four pony tails?" He asked me seeming stressed,

    "Aww baby, you seem stressed" I start messaging his shoulders "you know what the best cure for stress is?" I ask leaning towards his ear "sex" I answer my own question and sigh as he gently hives me a shove "did you?" He asks and I shake my head. As he goes to walk in the crowd I grab ahold of his arm and whisper in his ear "please, I know you need it just as much as I do..." I let my hand skim over his starting to get hard dick making it twitch.

    Suddenly I was against the wall, pinned as a tongue licked up my neck and to my ear "are you sure you know what you're asking for?" He nibbled On my earlobe making me moan and nod. We make our way to the bathrooms and I fist bump myself 'Score!' I think as we reach the bathroom.

     We get in and lock the door before starting a heated make out session, I moan into the kiss and he backs me up into the counter before picking me up and setting me on it. I spread my legs and wrap them around his waist and we start grinding our hips together. Not breaking the kiss, he skillfully rips off both of our clothes leaving us nude and slides me off the counter and onto his manhood. I groan in pain and dig my nails in his back as I feel blood drip out and onto the ground... 'I totally forgot I was a virgin' I hiss in my mind and then aloud as he just starts pumping. I wince with every movement he makes but it slowly numbs out and is slowly replaced with outrageous pleasure. I moan and he starts going faster, seems like he was holding back a bit anyways, he then grabbed my boob in his mouth as he pounded into my not-so-virgin-anymore-because-i-somehow-managed-to-forget-pussy. I moaned out and arched my back.

      Soon I felt a knot forming in my stomach "i-im gunna-" I groan as he nods and goes harder, deeper, faster, satisfying me to no end. My mouth Opens in a satisfied gape and my nails scratch his back, my toes curl and my eyes roll to the back of my head as I orgasm and pour my juices out, my walls tightening around his member forcing his seed out and into me.

     "Uh?" I say as we finish putting our clothes back on, "What's your name?" I ask and he replies with a "Gaara, yours?" And I just simply grab a price of paper towel and a pen writing:

        Gaara, Thank you for the pleasurable time ;)

              Akiko Uzumaki,

(A/N please insert random phone number here lol XD)

I walk out and smirk knowing that I just got laid.


Lol OK so I personally love the title of this lol ^.^ thank all of my painions for the votes and follows... I love you all for just reading this too... Thanks to you guys, I can look at my profile and think "I'm so popular!!!" Lol so THANKYOU MY LOVELY PAINIONS!!!

~•Pain out•~

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