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He came too to a complete mind trip; it took him a while to even orient. Abby was here in a seemingly unconscious state. He was in some kind of purple haze, laying on an orange floor. Slightly out of ear shot were people and objects. Charlie was there, the only person he recognized, then two other what looked like male humans, four almost ghostly looking female avatars all identical bar one who had a light above her head. There where 3-4 other avatars but other than the purple one; whom had called itself the RealTimeWaster, he didn't recognize the others. Charlie noticed he was awake and beckoned for him to join them. When he stood to walk, he seemed to have to almost control the modular make up of his body, only now realizing that he was somewhere very unusual. He noticed Charlie whispering something to the Purple Thing and his walking became easier.

"Is Abby ok?" He asked reaching Charlie.

"She is fine." Purple answered. "But I am straining my capacity to do a lot of things right now, so I can't support her too." It finished.

"We don't have much time, the RealTimeWaster is probably the only single powerful enough time to hold this quantum state change open for a short period based on where you are on the Matter Map right now." The female Avatar with the light said.

"Ok, quick intro's please Hector so the boys not confused, then we can get on with it. I am Damon Ford, you will know of me from your history, so please save the questions. This is a distant relative of mind Hector. More from this time period as you would define it." Damon said Nodding at the plumper younger looking version of himself, then Hector took over.

"The others here are AI's in Avatar form for your benefit. Besty, The WillingRacer and WillJunkMaker. They are helping us keep this state open and will help with what we need to do now. Hector Nodded to the ghosts.

"We are Sally, from different parts of the Matter Map, and our stories will have to wait. We need to become one and exist within your own AI Chameleon, for a While. We have one more piece to recover but until then we need absolute secrecy. You never having an NJI will leave you as a blank in the controlling minds of DE." They joined into one Sally. "We need your permission and time grows short Jay." A Grey mist began to waiver between all the AI Avatar.

"What for?!" he asked desperately.

"There is no time, say yes, this loop is closing." Charlie whispered in his ear.

"Yes!" he almost wailed looking at Abby still laying inert.

"Times up Hector." The RealTimeWaster said as the merged Sally's dissolved and clicked into Chameleon, it was the first time he had been able to sense Chameleon since exiting the Gateway. Then blackness again but he was aware this time. It felt more like the sphere that had taken him from his tower several times.

Then there was a little light and he saw a dark box room. Hector was the only other person there, standing next to him in one corner.

"Where is everyone?" He asked numbly.

"He's working on it." Chameleon's voice spoke to him from within his mind, although he wondered if it was Chameleon. Then one by one bodies started appearing in the middle of a grey mist on the floor. Charlie, Abby, Foley, Max, and Man in a leather Jacket he had never met.

"What the H." he began but was cut off by Hector this time as Hector busied himself summoning minimalist instant furniture into existence to support the rousing bodies. Foley still looked like crap, but Hector bent next to her and placed a hand near her body allowing a grey mist to touch her arm. As he pulled away all of Foley's surface wounds dissolved to leave normal skin. Before he could ask questions, Hector had asked them all to take a seat.

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