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Isabella's POV

I walked back upstairs and got ready.

I texted Alejandro a couple times before I got into the shower to ask if he wanted me to pick him up or not but he never answered.

I did my makeup and hair then changed into my dress.

I heard Mattia leave a couple minutes ago, I grabbed my keys and called Nailea to let her know I was on my way

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I heard Mattia leave a couple minutes ago, I grabbed my keys and called Nailea to let her know I was on my way.

"Girl i- you look damn" nailea said and I laughed a little "let's go get you a drink" she said then pulled me to the kitchen.

"have you seen Alejandro?" I asked "I'm pretty sure he's upstairs with the rest playing truth or strip I'm not sure tho" she said and my eyes went wide "strip? They getting naked up there?" I looked at her

"Yep" she said with this face😬

"Come on let's go I don't think they've gotten to far in the game soooo" she said and I shook my head

"Damn watch ou- holy shit you a cutie" some random dude said after I bumped into him "sorry I have a boyfriend" I smiled

"He doesn't have to know" he smirked "I'm fine" I said and walked away then Nailea took me upstairs.

Mattia's POV

"Today's the day babe" Katie smiled looking at Alejandro

"She's not coming" he said and I chuckled

"What's funny?" He looked at me, "she's comin" I smiled, "and how do you know that?" Katie asked "she lives with me" I rolled my eyes

"It's been over 5 months now, plus all this time you cheated on her with Hailey" Katie said "you were cheating on her?" I looked at him getting mad

"Mattia don't get mad now come on" he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm backkk!" Nailea said with Isabella walking behind her.

Nope Mattia don't even....goddamn she looks so ughhhhh...stop this isn't right, what if everything goes right then maybe.....no Mattia calm down

Bella sat across from Alejandro but looked at him idk how to explain the way she looked at him but she looked at him kinda confused

I mean Katie and Hailey were sitting on next to him on both sides sooo

"Wanna play?" Katie smirked at at her "what you guys playing?" She asked

"Let's play just regular truth or dare to start off, we didn't really go that far into the last game so I think it's okay." Hailey said and everyone agreed to play.

After a couple rounds things started to get a bit more interesting and we also started playing truth or strip.

"Alright some of us may not know the rules so it's like regular truth or dare...but if you pick dare and you want to forfeit you have to take a piece of clothing off same way for truth...and these aren't going to be easy alright" Edgar some kid from our school said

Everyone agreed.

A couple minutes into the game it was Katie's turn to ask

"Oh shit" kairi whispered and hid behind roshaun "Alejandro truth or dare"

"Oh I wanna see this" people started to say.

I feel bad the fact that everyone fucking knows about it, Bella really likes him like I swear sometimes she won't shut the fuck up about them two

She's told me it was hard getting with him because her last relationship didn't go well, but he makes her feel some type of way.

Earlier today when she asked if I knew something I should've told her.


"I dare you to tell Bella the truth behind your relationship" Katie smiled and belle looked up from her phone looking a little anxious to know what he was going to say

"Alright what do I have to take off?" He said "pan-

"No. Why are you forfeiting it, I want to know ale what is it that you don't want to say?"

"Bella" he looked at her and everyone was focused on what was about it to happen.

"What is it?" She stood up.

"It's was all fake, we made a bet and well...yea" Katie said "don't waste your time baby girl he was also cheating" Hailey said

"What?...ale are you serious?" She looked at him "I'm sorry" was all he said as he kept his head low "fuck you, we're done" she said then walked out just like that

"Okay but I thought this was gonna be more dramatic you know I thought she was gonna cry and yell at him then they would both start yelling at each other like come on" Derek said

"Her cry over him? Nah she isn't like that trust me" Abby said. When they fuck did she get in here "and how do you know what huh?" Hailey asked

"We were roommates for two years but it felt like we've known each other longer, I know what makes her cry and what doesn't...him yea she isn't going to cry over that you just ruined her night that's all" she said then left the room.

After a couple minutes of them talking I left the room as well as went downstairs for a drink.

Isabella's POV

Great. Just great.

I walked out the house and got in my car and drove home.

I really don't know wether to cry about it or not? He actually made me feel different, the fact I fell again god I'm so damn stupid.

It was all a lie just like last time.

In the matter of seconds I arrived home, I sighed and after a couple minutes got out the car.

I feel like smoking, what if Mattia still has some?

He's not here soooooo no that's not okay...but I don't care.

I walked into his room and made my way to the drawer he usually had drugs in, the drawer was a mess but I ended up finding a blue raspberry puff bar.

I heard a door close and put everything I had taken out the drawer back except the puff bar.

And as I opened the door I see a shirtless Mattia standing in front of me, "what are you doing?" He asked

I didn't answer because I was too busy looking at him, god he looked...nope no we're aren't going to think that

"Bella what are you doing in my room" he chuckled noticing

"I- I um came for something..." I looked away

"What would you need from my room?" He moved closer "a puff bar" my breathing started to get heavy

God the things I wanna do right now.

"Is everything okay?" He smirked lifting my chin up to face him, I couldn't with the eye contact it made things worse.

"Yea..I'm fine" I looked away

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What should happen?

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