(Dzzahn) The Wedding

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Once the battles for food & outfits have been fought and won it's time to get freaking married. Qannen hands Dzzahn off to her friend Sydrifase to watch from the sidelines as she goes off to prep and get changed.

Sydrifase: a 6 foot tall enby in spikey high-tops and an incredibly short bandage dress. They're using holographic facial contouring so every time they turn their head fireworks cascade in every direction around their face. Dzzahn puts out his hand to shake but Sydrifase just stares at it. "I don't know what you expect me to do with that but you probably can't afford it."

Dzzahn puts his hand down and turns to watch a formation of zonnys clean the blood and battle debris off the stage. He can feel Sydrifase staring at him curiously.

"I'm not from a show," he says, without turning to meet their stare. "I know it's weird that I don't have a unique brand identifier. Yes I'm real. Yes I'm an actual person. Yes I'm alive. Yes I'm really here. I'm just not from...around here."

"I didn't ask," Sydrifase says, still staring at him. "Cute though. I get why Qannen likes you."

Dzzahn risks a look and sees they're smiling at him, very very slightly. He finds himself smiling back.

After Alikatase's favorite energy purification influencer consecrates the stage, UrMomLuvsUs, one of the elite performance squads from Eternal High performs a dance & movement routine while YenniferGrace and SummerHyde perform their smash hit Your Brand Extremely Activates Me (AND they're holding hands the entire team which seems like proof that they are finally dating!??).

During this performance the wedding party slowly rises up from beneath the center of the stage. Alikatase, Anhedine, and Qannen slowly appear, all holding hands and smiling in different variations of a similar black dresses - each cut perfectly for their body shape and size, each one sparkling in a slightly different secondary hue. Dzzahn swears he sees Qannen briefly catch his eye with a look that says Check me out, being a happy participant. But she does actually look happy, excited, present.

Then the the lighting changes, the dancers disappear, the music swells, and the magical special couple rises up from the floor. Qynka & Azelbeth slowly emerge, posed and still as if frozen in a moment of passion, their heads thrown back, their hands on each other's faces, the lips almost touching. They just stand like that while the crowd screams, louder and louder and louder. The devotion this crowd expresses towards them is like nothing Dzzahn has ever experienced before. It physically hurts his ears. Through the pain he keeps his yes on Qannen, wondering what she's feeling, the city's love for Qynka eclipsing their love for her. But she's just smiling, tearing up a little bit with pride, not jealousy.

The couple continue standing very still in their pose while a single zonny flies delicate loops around them. The screaming adoration of the crowds changes to gasps, then moans, then more cheering, cycling from one emotion to another while literally nothing happens on stage. Dzzahn looks over at Sydrifase like What is going on.

Sydrifase: [looks back at him like What what.]

Dzzahn: [does an idgi shrug.]

Sydrifase: "You have to look through your screen."

Dzzahn: "I don't have a screen."

Sydrifase: "Oh so you're like missing the whole wedding?"

They roll their eyes and show their screen to Dzzahn. The image of the couple is projected against a background of images from their past. As the zonny flies around them the images in the background show scenes from their entire lives, the TL of their entire relationship from enemies to lovers. Dzzahn can see how taken all together it says something interesting about the difficulty of the paths they chose in order to be together, their histories as the backdrop for the strength of their union.

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