How to tell you're obsessed with Doctor Who

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A/N: I know a lot of these have been made, but I love Doctor Who so much, I felt like I had to make one. Enjoy :-)

1. "Too much Doctor Who" doesn't even make sense

2. You are genuinely surprised when doctor doesn't autocorrect to Doctor

3. You always wait 5 and a half hours

4. You tell people not to fart while you're saving the world

5. You always say "fart, if you'll pardon the word"

6. There is nothing gained by being a sentimental idiot

7. You beware the Yowzah

8. You know that the Earth is built around a Racnoss ship

9. You can name all the new episodes in order without needing to think

10. You want/have a tee shirt that says "the angels have the phonebox" because it's your favourite bit

11. You check your arms for tally marks

12. And make sure you don't have a red light in your palm

13. You know mauve is the real danger colour, everywhere else, red is camp

14. You can hack the UNIT site and use missiles to blow up 10 Downing St. because you remember the password and coordinates

15. "Run for your life" is an acceptable thing to say to someone you just met, before blowing-up their work place

16. You name a horse Arthur

17. You call useless people the tin dog

18. You never use headphones the school gives you

19. The clock breaks so you look under the bed and check the fireplace

20. If you are a thing that ticks, the first thing to do is break the clock

21. A 5 quid bet is an abuse of time travelling privileges, but 10 is fine

22. You know that Queen Victoria was not amused

23. And Queen Elizabeth, well.... The nickname no longer applies

24. You know that someone very old and very kind can't just watch children cry

25. You never interfere, unless there's children crying

26. A sign saying "Time machine" is too obvious, so it says police box instead

27. If you don't feel sick by mid morning on your birthday, you're not doing it properly

28. You eat fish fingers and custard

29. Bowties are cool

30. You wear 3D glasses, in public

31. You make a long scarf like the Doctor's

32. You cried when Rose was trapped

33. You scream when someone asks who turned out the lights

34. Flickering lights mean either weeping angels, the silence, cybermen or vashta nerada are coming

35. You are scared of shop mannequins and anything plastic

36. Mr Thick Thick Thickity Thickface from Thicktown Thickania is your favourite, because he is so thick

37. And so's he's dad

38. You basically, run!

39. You call a jukebox a MP3 player

40. The song Toxic is classical Earth music

41. You are a fan of Charles Dickens

42. You know stairs won't stop a Dalek

43. You know Henry Van Staten owns the Internet

44. You know never to take fuel from a sun

45. Your life depends on a pub quiz

46. You have seen all the new episodes more times than you can count, and you've tried

47. You write I♥♥ you instead of I♥ you, because you're a Time Lord and have two hearts

48. You speak in a British or Scottish accent and use British and Scottish slang, even though you aren't British or Scottish

49. You say things like "For Rassilon's sake" and "What on Gallifrey?" And "Before you can say Rassilon's rod"

50. You get excited when SOMEONE ELSE wins the lottery and takes an unexpected holiday, because that means the Doctor needs you

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