Chapter 3: Breakfast.....

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"Ruby." I hear someone say.

"Come on, get up." The person says.

I wait a few seconds.

I think they've finally given up.

Now back to my wonderful, peaceful slee-


Oh no she didn't. I bolt straight up in my bed.

"If you touch my hair you're dead," I tell Hermione giving her the most deadly look possible.

"Blimey Ruby, fine. But you're gonna miss breakfast if you don't get up," she tells me a bit more gently this time.

"Ugh....fine I'm up," I grumble.

The things I do for you, Hermione Granger.

I brush my teeth, hair, wash my face, freshen up, put on my new robes, and all that good stuff before I'm ready for the day.

I walk out and Hermione's sitting on her bed reading one of her many textbooks.

"Alright, I'm ready," I say.

She looks up at me and puts all of her textbooks into her bag.

"Ok, let's go." She says in response.

We both walk down the stairs and into the common room.

I see that Harry is sitting in the armchair next to the fire.

"Harry," I walk over to him as he looks up at me.

"You coming to breakfast or what big bro?" I ask him.

"Yeah, I was just waiting for you guys. Ron already went ahead." He told me.

"Cool, well let's go," I say.

I found out from Remus that Harry was born exactly 12 seconds before me.

Also, we were born on a Friday...

So the three of us go to breakfast, every now and then laughing or telling stories.

When we get there only half of the Great Hall is full.

I skip over to Ron.

"Hey." I smile at him as I take a seat across from him.

He looks up and then goes back to eating.


Hermione sits next to me while Harry sits next to Ron.

10 minutes later George and Fred, burst into the Great Hall laughing and giggling like two school girls. Or in this case, boys.

Surprisingly they came and sat next to us.

Fred sat next to Hermione and George sat on the other side of me.

I tried to contain my nervousness.

Last night Hermione and I were talking, she finally got me to admit that I have a crush on him.

I haven't even talked to him yet, I just hope he's not an asshole.

He doesn't look like one.

"Hey guys," they said at the same time.

"Hey," Harry replies for everyone.

Throughout the whole breakfast, George and I stole glances at each other again.

I think Harry noticed because when I looked up he winked at me.

That just made me blush even harder.

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