Chapter 2

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I helped gear up the girl's new horse. Along with a saddle, I also got her steel horse armor

Y/n: so what's your name?

???: my name? Cassandra

Y/n: well Cassandra, I believe you know mine

Cassandra: yep

I put the steel armor on the head of the horse, rubbing it's ears softly.

Y/n: so what are you going to name her?

Cassandra: why?

Y/n: your horse. Every horse needs a name

She went silent, thinking.

Cassandra: how about Kicker?

Y/n: Kicker? Not a bad name

Cassandra: are you insulting me?

Y/n: no, no I'm not

We then finished saddling Kicker in silence. Once she was saddled, I helped Cassandra up before hopping into Tug.

Y/n: where to?

Cassandra: I don't know, I'm following you

Y/n: hmmm. You know, I remember there was a tomb I've been meaning to clear out recently. It's "contents" are coming back again so we should clear them out

Cassandra: alright! Following you!

Time skip

Cassandra tied Kicker to a rock as I pat Tug.

Cassandra: aren't you going to tie him up? So he doesn't run or someone steals him?

Y/n: Tug won't run. He's been my friend for quite some time. And if someone tried to mount him, he'll kick them off

Cassandra walked towards me, and we started into the tomb.

Cassandra: then why doesn't he kick you off?

Y/n: because I have a word for him. I say it to him and he lets me on. If someone else said the same word, they'd be able to mount and ride him safely. Hold up

I stopped, took out my bow and notched an arrow.

I then fired it forward, the arrow sailing through the air before lodging itself into the head of an unsuspecting draugr.

Cassandra: nice shot

Y/n: thanks

She looked at me, before looking towards my cloak.

Cassandra: you have a sword?

Y/n: hm?

She reached behind my cloak, in sheathing the black and blue blade.

Cassandra: where'd you get this? It looks ancient

I took it back, sheathing it.

Y/n: family heirloom. I was given it when I left home

Cassandra: and you don't use it?

Y/n: I use it in emergencies, when everything else has been laid out. I've always been more of a bow guy

Cassandra: alright. But it's very nice sword

We kept walking through the tomb, picking up minor riches along the way.

Y/n: so I don't think I know much about you Cassandra. I basically told you why I'm wanted and you haven't spoken anything

She went silent.

Cassandra: there's not much I'd like to say

I sighed.

Y/n: alright. Go right

I notched another arrow, shooting a draugr who snuck up on her.

She looked behind in confusion.

Cassandra: thanks

We kept going before we found the main burial room.

As we entered, we saw magic being performed.

Y/n: duck and stay here. I'll go ahead and listen to what's being said

Cassandra: but-

Y/n: i don't want to be rude, but your armor is very loud. It'll give us away

I think she opened her mouth to protest, but I couldn't see her face behind the steel plated armor.

Cassandra: fine

I then slow snuck up towards the front, blending in with the dark area, seeing dark purple and black magic being preformed on the tomb.

There were two people. One person in dark black robes, most likely a necromancer, and a man who seemed to be wearing strong armor. They looked like a general.

General: let's hurry up already. We need to raise Lord Rielatus back to his former glory

Rielatus? But that's the...

Oh shit. This is his tomb!!!!!

Necromancer: patience my friend. It will be done soon

The tomb was then broken open, the door shot off.

Then a man walked out. He looked old and his skin was returning slowly to parts of his body. He wore the outfit of an emperor, though to was seemed to be torn and decaying.

General: my Lord

He looked at the two, viewing them over. And then I realized they were no normal General and Necromancer. They were the Demon lords generals.

He looked to the necromancer, then the general.

Rielatus: Xur'gog, Zuth'tach. How long have I been asleep for?

He spoke calmly. And I get chills go down my spine as I slowly started to back away.

(General)Zuth'tach: too long my lord. You must regain your strength. Then we will strike

(Necromancer)Xur'gog: we have kept you army prepared, waiting for your return my lord. But we should wait before we strike

Rielatus: good, good. But, no. I wish to strike now. Have Dalgokoth lead an army to Vluadale. I want humanity to know I have returned

Zuth'tach: y-yes my lord

I then got back to Cassandra.

Cassandra: well?

Y/n: run, now

I then grabbed her, running back the way we came.

Rielatus POV

I saw two humans run out of the tomb.

Rielatus: Xur'gog

Xur'gog: yes my lord?

Rielatus: kill them

He nodded before purple and black magic surrounded him. Then he teleported away.


Cassandra: that was the demon lord?!?

Y/n: yes! We need to get to Vluadale now! We have to warn them!

Cassandra: but that's the last place you wanna be!

Y/n: I don't care. It's my duty as a ranger. My family lives in this empire and I won't let the capital then the empire fall!

???: surprise

I pushed Cassandra away, dodging a ball of black fire.

I looked, seeing Xur'gog blocking the path.

Xur'gog: you die here


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