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Have you ever wondered why men are animalistic?
They're just roaming about, looking for whom to have sex with.

Love has gone with the wind, sex has come with an hinge.

Men are the enemy, I will sit here on my lonely chair and talk about them while sipping on my Hennessey.

But why is this happening? why Isn't it lessening

We have always been looked upon as the weaker version of humanity and sex toys which the society hasn't yet frowned upon.

Why do men always feel they are supposed to  fight our battle for us, well to some people I'm just singing a stupid chorus.

To me, a man will fight, beat, kill or harass another man who is trying to make a living, for a woman who don't even like him or he doesn't even know, aren't men funny?

Inequality will always be our next door neighbor, a fact we have to live with even if you don't have an harbor.

I used to look up to men while I was growing up, but now at the sight of them I feel like throwing up.

Are these the gender they say are superior to women? A gender of no acumen.

Men are no good, they're so stupid and just fools.

They're sexist, they've demoralized my spirit, so now I'm a feminist.

But can gender equality ever be achieved? This is a question that I need to get off my sleeves.

Until the society sees a woman beating a man and they laugh and say "cool" and a man beating a woman and they wouldn't call him a fool.

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