2nd Book!!!!

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I was looking through the comments to see the results and let me just say, Thank you for your kind words. I've been so busy with school and updating has become kind of stressful, but reading the comments gave me so much joy. I can't thank you enough for your support and as I said last time, I'll be revealing if I'm doing a second book. 

My answer to this is yes. I will continue this in a 2nd book, but the thing about this is that I need to formulate the plot. Also, I've been trying to focus on finishing The Prince's Princess, so that will be finished before I make the 2nd book. 

As for releasing of the book, I will probably update on that through instagram or make an announcement, but for those who are on my instagram, you'll probably get a small teaser or something of the sort. 

I'm hoping to release the 2nd book sometime in December or November due to the needed break from constant updates and to focus on my schoolwork. I hope you all understand my situation and that'll give you time to read other stories or even update your own! 


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