Chapter 1

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North sighed as she sat down on the table, seeing her mother and Aunt Khloe fight over something petty. Suddenly, her phone beeped with a Twitter notification. Swiping her iPhone 22S open, she read the notification that showed her father's latest tweet.

"Still thinking Beyoncé should have won the Grammy instead of Taylor (sic.)"

Oh daddy, she thought.

Taking a glance at the clock, she saw that it was already 8 a.m. She should leave soon or else she'd be late.

Stuffing a Parisian macaron in her mouth and gulping in some luxurious orange juice, she got up and strutted off into her room.

She was browsing through her LARGE walk-in closet when her mother poked her head into the room.

"North, do you need any help choosing your attire? Mommy is quite the fashionista, you know."

North rolled her eyes before replying. "Okay, mom, you can help. But I am not modelling in the public for Dash's new fur lingerie, okay?"

Kim grinned before walking in the walk-in closet and nearly shoved North down with her big butt.

"So what kind of outfit are you looking for?" Kim inquired.

"Oh, just something casual."

Soon, Kim had picked out a crop top, a pair of booty shorts, and big brown leather boots with a loose shrug jacket.

"Thanks mom!" North said gleefully as her mother smiled and walked out of the closet, shoving North into the clothes rack again with her big butt.

North quickly got dressed into the short shirt and the short shorts before pulling the shrug on and applied some make-up.

She grabbed her duffle bag and headed out, passing her mom as she walked out and said, "Hey mom, I'm going down to give food to the homeless and then I have to sing in the choir in church. Bye, love you!"

She called our to her driver Stefano and entered the car. "Stefano, take me to the church."

"Okay, Mees North, letz go too duh churrch."



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