Tears silently fell from my eye's "Micky?" i whispered so low i was sure he hadn't heard me but he did.

"Llion what are you do-" he started but i didn't let him finish as i hopped onto him wrapping my legs around his waist. hunger along with everything else, long forgotten while my arms connected around his neck, my lips crashed down on his. he wrapped his arm around my upper back other in my hair tugging slightly he twirled me around.

whimpering against his touch, smell & tongue i was about to pull away from the kiss when i heard.


I let go of micky but still didn't dare turn around i've watched enough scary movies. so already knowingly aware of what Beast is behind me burning a hole into my back side.

why is it that when you know something dangerous is behind you, you'll most likely get the urge to turn around to look at it?

I wanted to. god knows i do. but my feet are securely rooted to the beautiful marble tile floor, along with my eye's which i'm thankful for them to be. But apparently not for long as i glance up into a reflective glass behind micky to see; Danye's brown eyes looking into mine, it looked like he was standing 4 feet behind the beast. he clapped his hands together silently and while mouthing to me something along the lines of " I'll pray for you".

i couldn't see Logan's full body but i saw his right hand dripping blood onto the floor while shaking.

tears running down my face i wanted to disappear, vanish, evaporate, anything almost too not be in this situation! i'm so terrified for my life my mind is going blank.

"Out, all of you." logan finally spoke after a couple moments of silence, his voice calmly-dangerous i shivered.

"what do you mean? what about our deal?" some raspy voice commented sounding unpleased with the situation.

"I said get. out. all of you!" logans voice made most of the guards flinch an scatter to get the guests out as quickly as possible.

"You'll get your accessories through shipment. i suggest you have my money ready after you've received it, Got it!" it wasn't a question it was a statement that this conversation an business was over with an had no room left for objections.

"Domonic? son lets go we're done here." the man said to micky while i standed there still silently crying, listening to the devils foot steps advance towards me slowly but surely.

"Micky help me. take me home, micky p-please don't leave me with the-m, take me w-with you!" i grabbed his hand. i was trying to let him know something was wrong an i needed help. but as i quickly glance at dante i knew i shouldn't have, dante's expression told me that he heard what i had said an if he heard it then the devils incarnation must have as well.

Micky kissed me on the lips an was about to walk away when i reached for his arm an made sure i had a death grip onto it. I didn't want to let this opportunity pass me by to leave this place once an for all! but all of that vanished when i couldn't hear logans foot tapping against the tiles.

I gulped silently while he spoke "Leave boy. let go of him....now!" his voice was so deep an sexy but terrifying especially with his thick Italian accent mixed in. but i couldn't let him overpower me nor could i turn around to make eye contact or speak afraid my voice my come out as the chimpmunks, so there was only 1 option i could think off.

I lifted my head so i was facing straight at the devil an made a left an right motion quickly. logan didn't take kindly to being disobeyed, he motion Dante to remove of everyone in a matter of seconds i cold hear doors closing an vehicles cranking. we were the only two left in the living room. maby even the hole house!

I hesitated but lifted my head an eye's to meet his i licked my dry lips, they were salty from the tears. i was still crying silently as he took the last step an looked directly into my eyes, i was looking at him but he was looking into my soul an it was getting hard not to faint.

"Why?" he asked slowly not breaking eye contact. i stares at him a few seconds longer pondering over rather to speak or not.

"w-why what?"

"why! why did you-...kiss him?" this was the part of him that was so terrifying to me how he went from a normal question to his full on low rage filled voice. i could deal with the yelling, throwing & even some of his little man-period-mood-swings mixed with his sadistic mood swings. but this voice was different i realized that on the first day i was here, i tried everything to avoid that voice but it was back.

And it was back an blood thirsty. it was only a matter of time before he was out for blood an i know it was Mickeys that he wants running through his fangers!

"I-i'm sorry please just calm down" i tryed reasoning with him but apparently it just makes it worst.

"calm down? Calm down! i am fμcking calm! an if i weren't its my goddamn business! tell me who the hell that bitch was you were clinging too!" i took a step back, he took a step forward. i was angry an scared an let me tell you that is not a good combination!

"Don't god damn yell at me an its none of you'r 'business'. i wanna go home! i never asked for any of this i want to be in my own place, with real food, have my own shower an i want my brother, i wanna see my friends! i hate you logan. i don't belong to anyone! an i don't wanna be here why can't you just take me home?....i hate you, i want to go home now." i screamed out my lungs into his face, taking deep breaths i look back at his face his lips were in a thin line, cheek muscles clenched.

Gripping my upper arms tightly he lowered his face so that are lips were bearly touching.

"I'll show you who you belong to!"

Really, out of all the thing's i just said that....was all he heard! like really!


Omg whats going to happen to alli?

Oh an if your wondering about lukie he will be popping up soon along with a lot of things that are going to have to be answered about his an allens past.there's a reason why its called secrets there ment to be hidden an buried undergrown, you'll soon see just how far underground everyone's secrets are, especially luke's↩

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