▶Chapter #8

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"Hey? wake up sweetie its time to go" a man's voice said softly but unhappily, the man caressed my cheek "Your brother keeps calling an disrupting things, lets go before i show him what happens when people don't mind their own business!" he said angrily.

"mmm" i complained but I opened my eye's searching for the voice that was talking a minute ago but saw no one in sight. i ran my fingers through my hair keeping them there for a second. was that a dream? i swear it felt so real. I laid into the same spot for a little longer before i forced myself out of logan's bed, then into the bathroom to clean myself up.

I turned on the shower onto warm stepped inside an let the tapping sound of the water calm me a little. I started washing my self when i couldn't help but let my mind wonder back to that voice i heard.

It was so relaxed then went straight to angry, whats up with that? i washed myself with some carres body wash it smell like heaven, i wanted to stay under the soothing heat but i got out unwilling.

I don't want my body to be all wrinkly or know what poached eggs felt like, so i wrapped one of the fluffy towels around me. this time it was a shade inbetween dark blue an lavender which was very pretty, i think i'll keep this one as my very own, seeing as i doubt i'd be leaving soon.

I walked into Logan's walk in closet full of clothes mainly suits, ties ect...until i came across a black sweater ×3 my size that stopped just below my knee, while looking around a little longer i found some boxer briefs i slipped them on an surprisingly they actually fit huh? he must have put them out for me, what a nice basterd he is.....sometimes.

I took one of the many deodorants in the cabinet an rubbed some on, stole some socks, brushed my teeth an just as i was reaching the door my stomach howled no not growl! howled! when was the last time i actually ate?

Oh yeah since that food abomination they laid out infront of me, i stole something from the fridge an ate it on my way up to the room. wonder whatever happene to vanni?

vanni that kidnapping jerk i hope he gets what's coming to him!

I sighed an walked out heading to the living room. where are all the guards? is someone going to come an kidnap me again? if so can they wait till after i eat i'm seriously starving here! i came to the doors leading to the living room an into my destination.

i opened the door walked halfway in until noticing the guns an other illegal things on a long narrowed tabled, keep walking allen thats none of your business, logan might get angry if you bother one of those! the little angel on my shoulder told me.

Go ahead no one's in here so you can touch it its not like he'll see? the one with horns sticking out of his head replied to me while lookimg at the other.

I pondered over this thought for about 10 seconds before just deciding to touch it really quickly, he won't know so it's alright, i moved my hand towards the gun carefully not to move it out of place before.....


I gasped my heart rate pounding in my ears. i turned around ready to sucker punch whoever it was that scared me. who were laughing quietly to them self but immediately stopped once my face was infront of their face, confusion written within his eye's as too mine.

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