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After the rich took over the entire city, The poor were forced to leave and settle outside on an abandoned town where the streets were cracked and houses were barely standing. We were left there to die and we thought it was the end at first. But for some reason we were able to stand back up and find a way to better our living.

We decided to elect our own officials one of them being my step dad,Michael. They would go and sneak in the city to provide us with Food, Water and Clothing. One day, they got caught and got in a lot of trouble, Somehow they talked their way out and managed to come to an agreement with the rich where they would deliver us our needs from time to time as long as we never set foot on their grounds again.

Our way of living was quite simple. Dinner by 6:30, We would gather around the gymnasium and officials would distribute a fair amount of food so that everyone had their share and no one was left starving. As for shelter, We searched around the town for stable houses and when we found a few, Families had to settle into one sharing it with others.

I was only seven when all of this started. I remember looking up to the older kids who were brave enough to go past the woods that separated us from the city and went in to the forbidden place. It happened occasionally but everything changed when those same group of kids went but never came back.

It had everyone concerned but all questions about the kids were answered when one of their bodies were found in the woods and that body belonged to one of my brother's good friends, Simone. The realization kicks me that my brother went out with him that night meaning Ashton was probably in a ditch somewhere laying dead and this caused me to break out in cries and screams. The body was brought back to town where everyone witnessed his bloody shirt and bruised up face. In his pocket was a folded paper that read:

We have caught trespassers on our grounds and with this, you have broken our agreement. Consider this as your warning. Keep your people in tact or we will be forced to take actions on every single one of you. For more security measures we have decided to place railings around the city, one that will hopefully help you get it into your heads that you aren't allowed to enter at any occasion.

-il ricco

Ever since the incident the officials met for a meeting where they decided to put on a curfew for everyone. We all understood why they have done this and we've been following it for the past 10 years. Every single night after 9pm there would be assigned guards guarding the path of the forest that connects with the railings and gate to the city.

Whenever the rich came to deliver our goods we would all hide from fear. Everyone had been obedient and we all grew accustomed to this way of living.

..Well for now..

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