Chapter 1

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It was midday.

I shoved my way through the crowd, running through the city of Vluadale. It was the capital city of the empire, The Kraguigalla empire. I know, a bit hard to say. I was running from the guards.

Guard: stop that man!!!

I looked behind me, seeing armed guards splitting off to try and catch me at the gate.

As we neared it, I heard them shout out again.

Guard: close the gate!

I looked in front of me, seeing the massive iron gate dropping.

I speed up, sliding under the gate just as it closed.

Guard: open the gates, open the gates!!!

I drew my bow, notching an arrow and firing it straight into the gears of the gate, causing it to jam the gears and stop the gate from opening.

I then looked back through the iron gate, as the gate keepers struggled to unjam the gear. In front of me was a certain guard I knew.

George: Y/ n, the Emperor has wanted you for 3 months now. Just come with us and we can both settle your crimes and get you settled

Y/n: George, you know why the Emperor wants me, I know why the Emperor wants me and that's why I run. I'm not being pinned down anytime soon

George: and what if he uses you family as bait?

Y/n: we both know he won't touch them. If he does, I'll probably move to the next empire over.

George sighed.

George: come on, it'll be a good life for you once it happens

Y/n: a good life and an adventures life are very different. I prefer the adventures life

I then turned around, walking to Tug who I had standing outside the walls.

Y/n: see you next time George

George: we'll be waiting

I stood next to Tug, saying my word, and mounted onto his back.

Y/n: go bud

He then galloped forward and as we left the capital behind, he slowed down to a trot.

We traveled into a forest, before eventually settling down in a clearing.

I then jumped off Tug, patting him on his neck.

Y/n: good job Tug

I reached into a sack on his saddle, pulling out an apple.

I then tossed it to him and he caught it, taking a bite from it.

I then took off the camping gear from his saddle, setting up a tent.

I then laid down, to take a quick name.

Time skip

I heard Tug neighing, waking me up.

Y/n: Tug?

He wasn't panicking, I've never seen him panic. It was a warning.

I rushed out of the tent, grabbing my bow and arrow, aiming it towards an armed figure that was behind my tent.

Y/n: come out, now

They walked out, and it was a female figure. She wore heavy steel armor, with a steel war axe in her right hand. In her left, she held a steel shield. She held it in front of her, defensively.

Y/n: who are you?

???: I'm a bounty hunter. I'm here to kill you and bring you to the Emperor.

Y/n: I don't think you'd get any reward for killing me. The Emperor wants me alive and I know that as fact.

???: thanks for telling me. I'll be at your execution

I sighed.

Y/n: I'm no criminal. He wants me for more personal reasons, regarding his daughter and me

???: did you hurt her?

Y/n: it's...complicated

I dropped my bow.

Y/n: drop your weapons and sit. I have a story to explain

She looked at me confused before sheathing her axe. Then she walked forward, sitting on my right, removing her helmet. She had short black hair and her eyes were as green as emeralds.

???; start talking

Y/n: you see, 4 months ago, I saved his daughter from an assassin. I knew about this assassin because I was hanging around the top of their castle and saw him creep into her room

???: why were you up there?

Y/n: I love climbing things. And the view from the top of that place is like none you've ever seen before. But continuing, after that happened, he hired me to protect his daughter from any further assassins

???: so did you guard her windows?

Y/n: pretty much. If she went out in public, I would stay in the shadows, keeping an eye on her. If she wished to be in the castle, I guarded the roof and windows. With in 3 weeks, there were 6 more assassination attempts. Someone wanted her dead very badly, but after the 7th failure, it all stopped

???: so why is there a bounty on your head?

Y/n: because during that time...his daughter fell in love with me. She wanted and still wants to marry me

The girl stared at me in shock.

???: why?! Why didn't you accept?!? You could buy for anything and have anything!! Anyone would kill fo-

Y/n: because I don't care for what others want. I crave adventure and excitement. It's why I left my home town. It was peaceful there and a great place to live, but as I grew up, I got bored of all the peace. So I chose to left and chase adventure. And my parents let me, they enjoyed that I wanted to carve my own path. If I married her, all of that would be stripped away because I would be pinned down and stuck with the duties of the Emperor

She looked at me confused before gaining an understanding look on her face.

???: oh. That...that is true. Then what will you do?

Y/n: well, I've been traveling on my own, stopping at towns when I need more supplies

I heard a snort and looked to my left, seeing Tug. I pet his head.

Y/n: I didn't forget you Tug. You'll always be my companion

The girl went silent.

???: May I travel with you?

Y/n: hmm?

???: May I travel with you? You seem like you could use some more human contact apart from being chased.

Y/n: well, we'd need to get you a horse. Though, I assume you have one, unless you followed me here on foot

???: well....

She looked down, embarrassed.

???: I did. I just stumbled upon you by mistake, though I had remembered seeing a bounty for you. I has planned to take care of you then take your horse to town

I laughed.

Y/n: even if you did kill me, Tug would buck you off as soon as you mounted. He's trained to only allow someone on when he hears a certain word, which only i know. But it's alright, I can buy you one

She looked up at me confused.

???: I just tried to kill you. And your being so nice

Y/n: so? I once got in a bar fight with the owner, but once all was said and done, we made up

She giggled.

Y/n: now come on. Let's get you a battle horse


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