Chapter 19 Coles home! { Small sex scene at end}

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Ok ~ here is the next chapter, let me know what you think! i am sorry for not uploading in forever! i started a new story~ i was adding a couple of chapters to that and i was busy studing for a million tests and exams. Sorry! Just as a warning there is a Sex scene~ its towards the end~ so if you dont want to read it dont! Noted that there is a warning! Anyway let me know what you think!!!

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Chapter 19

~ Cole's Home~

Samantha's POV

 When I finally had gotten to bed it was around two in the morning. I held my phone in my hand on max volume and vibrate. So if Cole would text or call me I would feel or hear it. Possibly both. All I could think a bout was Cole that night. And I had the most vivid dream about Jared that night, which was the weird part I was so worried about Cole and then I dreamed about Jared. Its probably because of the fact that he is stalking me.

 When I woke up it was bout four in the afternoon Cole hadn't called me or texted me. I got dressed and did my hair so I would be able to look nice for him. I missed him so much! I didn't even think it was possible miss anybody almost as much as I have missed my mother. But the sad part is I will never see her again. Cole at least I will be able to see again. Which makes me feel better, I love him so much.

 I ran into Greg on the way to my car. He had a worried expression on his face, and I looked at him like ' Tell you sister what's wrong' it was my signature look at him right now. He still didn't say anything, but he did grab me into a hug and start crying on my shoulder.

 " Shhhhh," I murmured rocking him a bit. " What's wrong?" I said softly.

 " Amanda," Was all he said and it was very slurred. I rocked him, just as I got a text from Amanda I looked at it.

 * Is Greg all right? Is he dealing~ has he told you we loosst the baby?* Amanda had texted me and I knew she was crying too. I pulled Greg into my car knowing Amanda was at Cole's house, and they were going to have to deal with this together. It wasn't something that they could do alone. Plus I was going to have to go there sooner or later anyways.

 I looked over at Greg once before I turned on my radio. Greg continued to cry, and I drove towards Cole's house I knew Cole's parents weren't going to be there. Because they were going to get Cole, they wouldn't be here.

 Greg continued to cry the entire way there. I myself was trying to fight back tears, and when I got to Cole's and Amanda was sitting and crying on the porch. I ran and gave her a hug.

 " Its okay Amanda, you can make another baby. Its not your fault," I murmured hugging her. Greg came out of my car still crying.

 Cole's POV

 We were just leaving the Hospital, and  I texted Samantha. 

 * Just leaving the Hospital, hope to see you soon!*  I texted her, and looked at me parents as someone rolled me out to y parents car. When we got there I got into the car. I was feeling better, and couldn't wait to see Sammie. I loved her so much, even when I was confused about it.

 " Cole, get buckled and stop daydreaming  about Samantha. You will see her in a little bit," My mother yelled at me, it seems she still doesn't like Samantha all that much. Which isn't very fair, its not her fault. It all my fault. Well Greg and Amanda's fault really.

 " Right did you want something mom?" I asked her continuing to day dream about Sammie. I just couldn't help it.