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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

Michaela's POV

"You be careful! Watch your cousins, Michaela!" Papa yells from the porch. I nod.

"Okay!" I yell back. Today was going to be awesome.

Today my cousins, Avery and Allie, and I are going hunting. Papa had given Avery his 22 to use since he's better at shooting than Allie and I. I had Avery's knife that he loaned me. Allie had a stick. I'm not very sure why we gave her that. I mean, what's she going to do? Hit something to death? I know that's possible if you hit them in the temple, but she's like, 7. Yep, that's going to work. Anyways, back to the present.

We started into the woods silently. Allie kept making crazy nosies though. Operation be quite, fail. Avery turns around to face her.

"Allie," he says calmly, "if you want to catch something, you have to be quite. Okay?" She nods. "Okay Kavery." I roll my eyes. She never calls him by the right name.

I see something out of the corner of my eye and shove Avery's arm to alert him about it.

"Hey Avery. What's that?" He turns to face me and gives me a duh look.

"Michaela, that's a tree."

"What? No there's not-" I say, turning around to prove him wrong. I frown where I see there's a tree in front from his position.

"No! Not that! That!" I say, pulling him in front of me.

"Oh, I don't know. Let's go see!" He takes off running towards it. Allie and I follow behind him. When we get there, we find a cave.

"What do you think is inside?" Avery asks.

"Merida!" Allie yells. I roll my eyes. She loves the movie Brave. I bet she's right. There's defiantly going to be a fictional character in there.

"Come on! Let's fine out!" I say running into the cave. And almost falling on my face. This should be fun.

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